Sony, Nintendo and EA no longer support SOPA

PSX-Sense writes "Shortly after the threats made by anonymous the news comes out that Sony backed down from SOPA. They are not the only company that have themselves removed from the list, also Nintendo and Electronic Arts no longer support the act."

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Optical_Matrix2306d ago

As if we needed even more fuel for 4Chan's/Anonymous' ever growing E-Peens.

JD_Shadow2306d ago want to sacrifice internet freedom just because you want to play the age old game of "I'm against anything they're for"?


KonaBro2306d ago Show
Christopher2306d ago

@darkpower: At no point in Optical_Matrix' comment did he show any support for SOPA. None whatsoever.

If I say I hate rapists, does that mean I like thieves? No. I can hate two groups and think they are both wrong.

Eamon2306d ago

Well anonymous isn't wrong for being anti-SOPA.

If you care about your freedoms, then you HAVE to be against it. To disable websites without a court order.

Next thing you know, people will become detained without going through due process.. oh wait, isn't that already starting in US?

D3mons0ul2306d ago (Edited 2306d ago )

I also hate 4chan and SOPA equally.

Each board that I have browsed has got to contain THE WORST possible community for it...on the internet and I will swear by that statement.

The video game board is actually more like the ANTI-video game board just as the anime board is pretty much the ANTI-anime board. 4chan is basically the anti-everything still good in this god damned world if I had to sum it up.

At least on those two boards. I won't comment on the others; I shouldn't even be talking about that hive of scum and well, villainy would be a term of endearment so I'm not gonna use that. I'll just call it a hive of scum. Like brownish green shit dripping off the walls and the smell of ass throughout every corridor. Hell, maybe a Wino threw up in there and nobody bothered to clean it up too.

NYC_Gamer2306d ago (Edited 2306d ago )

i am happy they no longer support this bull shit ass bill

Cosmit2306d ago

I'm glad they stopped supporting this crap bill!

SilentNegotiator2305d ago

SOPA would have given them major power over deciding what is "theirs" and get sites shutdown and people jailed. I'm glad this corporation-humping bill is losing major support as the new year approaches. Hopefully a new year really will mean turning over a new leaf.

MasterCornholio2306d ago

Jeez its been a while since we heard from those freaks who love copying V.

Bundi2306d ago

Wait wait wait, Anonymous threatened them and they actually backed off? Loooool!!
Do people still think they have no power?? Wonder if the people that were supporting SOPA (just because SONY were) still feel the same way.
Watch as the entire N4G rallies against SOPA now that SONY are no longer for it. You cannot spell hypocrisy without N4G. . .wait that doesn't make sense.

Christopher2306d ago

If I fire a gun into the air and a murderer ten thousand miles away turns himself in, he must have done it because of what I did.

KingSlayer2306d ago

Did you hear the whooshing sound over Bundi's head? I did.

Bundi2306d ago

Yeah, it must be a coincidence right?? No way SONY are afraid of the people that may have led to them being offline for close to a month, no you're right. It's just a coincidence that those 3 companies backed off without explanation after Anonymous threatened them.
What was I thinking? Putting 2 and 2 together like that??

Christopher2306d ago (Edited 2306d ago )

Hey, Bundi.

First, Anon didn't threaten all of them.

Second, you know what else has been happening for the last two weeks that would be more effective in getting them to change their mind? Consumer opinion and threats to not buy their items.

It's a leap of logic to assume that this change came about because of an Anon video when there have been weeks of customer upheaval on the topic as a whole, let alone in response to any previous stance each company may have had on the topic.

What you're doing isn't adding 1+1, but adding A + Q and thinking that equals Z without realizing the many other letters of the alphabet that may or may not have an effect on the equation.

JD_Shadow2306d ago

You have to see, though, that there's a sense that people support things just because a certain entity that they admire does, and will follow whatever that certain entity does and will change their thoughts according to what that entity does.

He isn't talking about if Anon made people do it or not. He's talking about how the people of N4G will do that epidemic I just described. People were supportive of SOPA because an entity they liked was also for it, without doing any digging or research into what exactly SOPA even was, or why Sony would even want it (and before anyone rages that I'm picking on Sony, I'm only saying Sony because someone else brought them up). And he's predicting that now that Sony changed their stance, so will others on this site, again without any other rhyme, reason, or knowledge as to why they are or would be.

In other words, they just support things without knowing what they actually support. Not sure if there's a smart-ass, dictionary-esque term for that, but I've seen it exist on this site.

You're a N4G mod. I bet you've seen it happen a lot of times about things like this this year!

Christopher2306d ago (Edited 2306d ago )

@darkpower: I have no clue how you are reading his comment, but please reread his first two sentences (pasted below for ya):

"Wait wait wait, Anonymous threatened them and they actually backed off? Loooool!!
Do people still think they have no power?? "

His follow up statements were secondary and unnecessary since no one here has blindly shown support of SOPA solely because Sony supported them.

Eamon2306d ago

They removed their names of the list of supporters because it's become bad PR. Especially since Sony's reputation became tarnished after the hacking scandal, Sony doesn't need or want any more bad PR stunts.

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NYC_Gamer2306d ago

i have never supported that bull shit ass bill.and was upset that certain companies pledged their support to that piece of garbage.can't speak for the rest of the n4g members though.

Godmars2902306d ago

Think it has more to do with the general public reaction to SOPA, then Sony's stance being made public.

Not that such stopped them from taking the security measures they did with the PSV.

Hufandpuf2306d ago

Nobody was for the SOPA bill to begin with.

D3mons0ul2306d ago

I guess you didn't read that it wasn't even SCE or any of their divisions that handle gaming.

It was their music side.

SONY =/= SCE automatically

Not everything Sony is gaming related and you are just making shit up with your last statement. That's preposterous. Nobody supports the bill in the first place.

NeloAnjelo2305d ago

Do you even know what the bill is about Bundi? Oh I didn't think so.

Lord_Sloth2305d ago

Of course. This has absolutely nothing to do with the fanbase that keeps them in business being against the SOPA.

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