Game Informer: Wish List 2008: What We Want From Nintendo

The way that Nintendo seems to have the general public in its white-gloved palm, you'd think they've pretty much achieved perfection. Right? Not by a long shot. The system definitely has its quirks-some of which we love, others that could use some serious tweaking. Here are some proposed fixes for some of not-so-lovable quirks.

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wiizy3879d ago

sounds great...nintendo is on top...and great games for all variety of people are coming like they said..

solidt123878d ago

Slow start but the games are coming. I just want to play Brawl now.

kurochi3878d ago

at least 720p HD capabilities..... :P

solidt123878d ago

I like the interface concept. The current home page is to big.

Covenant3878d ago

My wish list for the Wii:

External hard drive

More system colors (black Wii, anyone?)

More Virtual Console games

HD support (720, at least)

Fewer crappy ports, better original titles.

solidt123878d ago

720 won't come in the current Wii but I bet they are working on a HD version. I know I would If I was Nintendo. The could sell us the same console twice. I would buy another one if it had HD.

name3878d ago

I've said it before and I'll say it again. When soul calibur legends arrive, I'm definetly buying a wii. Also when people stop taking advatnage of the hype by selling it for 500+ with the bundle -_-

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