David Jaffe's Top 10 Games of 2011

David Jaffe has a long and storied history in game development, reaching back to the 16-bit Mickey Mania, with important touchstones including the creation and his continued involvement in the Twisted Metal franchise, as well as the design of the original God of War.

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Zha1tan2307d ago

I dont see why other people in this world need to hear the opinions of another so badly....

This sheep syndrome is just pathetic, why cant people just be comfortable with what they like and dont like.

Fylus2307d ago

Why do civilizations wage wars? Because everyone has an opinion. When an opinion isn't properly exposed, the person's idea of said opinion burns through their mind as a child until they turn 50 and next thing you know, they invade Poland and kill millions upon millions of innocent people throughout the next few years.

My point is, shut up. We have the First Amendment for a reason.

Zha1tan2307d ago

What a horrible analogy.

There is stupid and then there is that, tell me how you went from a balding fatasses opinion to the holocaust?

Freedom of Speech? lol is that what SOPA is all about then?

Fylus2307d ago

It's a joke with a simple meaning. Don't take things so seriously.

Drake1172307d ago

I still don't know why ppl care about this dudes opinion any ways. He hasn't been involved with a half way decent game since the original God of War.

Fylus2306d ago

I believe his opinions should be viable since he is one of the very few devs that truly cares about gamers. He's proven time after time that he isn't just in it for the money. Plus he's working with Twisted Metal which may not exactly be the most anticipated game ever, there are still plenty of die hard fans that can't wait for it.

GTRrocker2306d ago (Edited 2306d ago )

I am going to use my first amendment right to say that your post was pointless and made no sense whatsoever.

SSultan2306d ago

Had to hop in this one... Here it goes. Everyone please stfu.

EVILDEAD3602306d ago

SALUTES Jaffe for adding WORDS WITH FRIENDS to his list is F-ing EPIC..that game is CRACK..

IGN had one of the best articles with all the big developers speaking on their faves.

I absolutely love to hear what they get into in their spare..nice article from Da G. Bomb..


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rabidpancakeburglar2307d ago

There is nothing wrong with being interested in or caring about what other people think of things. Most people are comfortable with what they like, I know I am. I think I should be allowed to show interest in what someone else thinks without some guy saying that people who like hearing other peoples opinions are pathetic sheep.

Zha1tan2307d ago

Forgive me if i especially dislike the celebrity culture that is forming around game developers these days.

They are people who make games, I dont see why we would need their opinion on other games, you may like hearing it but some people take it to far and whorship guys like David Jaffe & Cliffy B when realistically their games are not all that.

Lex_Dangerously 2306d ago

Well said. Respect for taking the high road. :) I completely agree with you.

frostypants2307d ago

And yet, here you are on a site for which 80% of the content is the aggregated opinions of other people.

MmaFan-Qc2307d ago (Edited 2307d ago )

@Zha1tan then, why should we care about your opinion?

wasting your time manifesting YOUR opinion is kinda ironic seeing the content of your post.


Lord_Sloth2307d ago

To satisfy his fan's curiosity. If you aren't 1, don't read the article. Problem solved.

kneon2307d ago

"I dont see why other people in this world need to hear the opinions of another so badly"

So that we can mock them for their incorrect opinion :)

Areeb112307d ago

you are all wrong. We need to hear Jaffe's opinion because he is a fucking baws.

Jayjayff2307d ago

We don't need their opinions, they're the people who create game and we're interesting in what they like, that doesn't we will automatically like what they do it's just curiosity to see the opinion of those who make the game and what they take into account as important.

morganfell2307d ago


No worse than the people that believe others need to hear their opinion. See where I am going with this?

Staight to Ironyville, population... you.

Dee_912306d ago

zha1tan your talking out ur ass right now .. i do it sometimes too but i acknowledge it.

Not only did you make an issue out of thin air your defending it lol.

nobody " need to hear other peoples opinions badly"

come_at_me_bro2306d ago

First of all, no one lives in a vacuum. You aren't free from influence; whether by the media, your friends, family, or idols. Secondly, being interested in someone's opinion doesn't indicate a need for guidance or lack of self-confidence. People respect Jaffe, people want to know how Jaffe thinks or feels about the video game industry. Go figure.

gaden_malak2306d ago

Guy comes here to whinge about opinions while giving his own...

People like to see what others like, its nkt sheep memtality it is the sharing of likes. Get over yourself.

Kakihara2306d ago

Blindly agreeing with the opinions of other people = Being a sheep.

Actually listening to the opinions of other people /= Being a sheep.

AG_Nick2302d ago

Sheep Syndrome?!
I like games. David Jaffe makes games. I'm interested to hear his thoughts on games, because of his position.

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sonicsidewinder2307d ago

Yeah man, Rayman is friggin class.

LettingGo2307d ago

Agreed. One of the best platformers this generation! I just wish it hadn't been $60. I mean, really...

ShaunCameron2306d ago

$60? I paid $50 for mine.

ziggurcat2306d ago

was really impressed with the demo, but sadly i don't have the money to afford it at this time :(

MmaFan-Qc2306d ago

wow, that was seriously elaborated!

you made my day sir, and btw happy new year!

LettingGo2307d ago

Great list, Jaffe! I can't believe people overlooked Stacking so much. It was amazing!

BitbyDeath2307d ago

I would've overlooked it as well if it weren't for PS Plus giving it away for free.

Awesome game.

LettingGo2307d ago

I freakin' LOVED that it was free on Plus. I don't think people realize how much money you really save with PS Plus.

I still would have gotten this because I love Double Fine, but still. I am glad Costume Quest went on sale around Halloween. :)

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