Game of the Year 2011 (Empty Lifebar)

"2011 was easily one of the best years in gaming, it was also the year that raped our wallets the most. The year started off slow with some notable releases such as Mortal Kombat, Little Big Planet 2, Dead Space 2, and Portal 2. Then came the usual summer drought and all we had to fend ourselves off with some titles like, Catherine and L.A Noire, but the true savior was the Summer of Arcade, and what a great one it was, seeing titles like Bastion and Toy Soldiers Cold War."

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gamerwiips3602542d ago

I seriously feel, This is the actual GOTY just marred by Portal 2. Both these sequels are so good! that they hardly done wrong.
Even though I consider Skyrim,Zelda as honorable nominees but I feel This award should goto Rocksteady, They simply stole the show this Fall.