Where there's a will, there's a Wii

A year after its launch, the small video game console sells out almost immediately when it reaches stores, even after Nintendo Co. has ramped up production several times. With Nintendo's gaming console scarce this season, shoppers are lining up and checking the Web for sightings.

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INehalemEXI3850d ago

Im totaly tempted to try to take advantage of this frenzy and put my wii up for sale for $1000 and get another after christmas.

Only reason I wont try is I put soulcalibur legends on my wishlist so it would be bad of me to recieve a gift and have nothing to play it on.

socomnick3850d ago

you should I would If I had a wii heck with the profit you can buy yourself a 360 :)

rofldings3849d ago

Or buy yourself a PS3, so you won't have to send it into microsoft repair in 2 days. :)

shrimpboat3849d ago

Agreed, buy a PS3. The Wii is a gimmick and the 360 is a ticking time bomb.

wiizy3849d ago

wii is whats wanted. so just wait for another shipment

solidt123849d ago (Edited 3849d ago )

I heard that people are bum rushing the ups man at gamestop stores for a Wii.

solidt123849d ago

Its so cheap why wait. Buy a different system for Christmas and get a Wii when they get in stock.

Zhuk3849d ago

I have to wonder who all these retarded people are buying an inferior console

sbf20093848d ago

If you don't like the Wii, why are you trolling the Wii boards about it being so popular that you can't find it. It kind of makes you look immature.

jinn3849d ago

where theres a whiner, theres a wii

MatteLeDog3849d ago

This is like the 10245th article on "how to get your hands on a wii". Please enough already, although I understand why you would want to get a hold on one now, cause in like 1 years time the graphics are gonna look like puke in comparison to 360 and PS3, oh wait it already looks like puke, I forgot.

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