Gaming Console Network Reviews High Velocity Bowling for PS3

Via GCN:

"High Velocity Bowling is actually a very worthy buy from the PSN. At $9.99 (seriously, the game is $9.99… not $10.00 or $10.55… If you put $10 into your PSN account you are left with a penny in your account after you buy this game.) the game is fun and has potential for a worthy sequel (with some online play). High Velocity Bowling does take a bit to get used too in terms of how you bowl, but once you get it down the game is very fun and it is something you can always go back to and try to get that perfect 300. High Velocity Bowling is about a 550 MB download. A very worthy buy for your Playstation 3 system."

Overall: 7.5/10

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aiphanes3816d ago

It is way better than Wii sports bowling..

gamesR4fun3815d ago

cool cant understand why no onlile tho? prob gonna try hitting us up for another 5$ later Im guessing...

Skerj3816d ago

I wanna get it but I'm scared of my tard friends playing without a controller tether and chucking it into my tv, then the eternal fight will be on. Maybe I should make a strap Macgyver style. OMG a strap/USB charger!!

kalistyles3815d ago

and it is really good. I have the Wii also and I think it is better than Wii Bowling. Although a strap would be nice. I accidentally hit the side of my leg while bowling and the controller went flying. So Skerj I would definitely think about inventing some kind of strap especially if your going to let your friends try it. Gets an 8/10 in my book.

Blademask3815d ago

at the beginning talks about conduct online etc etc, I wonder if its just standard? But it says "IF YOU DONT AGREE YOU CAN NOT PLAY THIS GAME ONLINE"

SO... whats the deal?

the worst3815d ago

finally i can play my game and songs
off my hard drive
at the same time
i 250g hard drive load with songs

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The story is too old to be commented.