Amazon's '10 Days, 10 Deals' starts with PS3

Amazon will be offering a video game deal of some kind for the next 10 days starting today. The offer is a Playstation 3, Blu-Ray remote, and the collectors edition of Stranglehold, for $399. Noteworthy is Lair only being $34.99 today as well.

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Skerj3940d ago

Damn if I didn't have one already I'd have bought it now.

ruibing3940d ago

I hope there will be some more good PS3 games deals for those of us who already have a PS3. I missed out on the Time Crisis 4 for $50 on Amazon deal.

Kain813940d ago

This is a damn good deal, but i have one too

Rice3940d ago

I hate these deals, i thought i got a good deal but then theres a better deal that just rapes my deal... damn DEAL!!!

Relientk773940d ago

thats a pretty good deal

Mr Tretton3940d ago

you think they'd put in a better game than Stranglehold.

and they could make Lair 19.99 and I still wouldn't by it.

lawman11083939d ago

...........Oh yes here it is..........