GamesRadar Holiday Buyer's Guide 2007

Games Radar writes, "Ah, the holidays. Whether you celebrate with a tree, a manger, a dradle, kinara candles or a Festivus pole, you can be pretty sure of two things. One: You're going to have to buy stuff for other people whether you like them or not. And two: it's not a total waste because you're going to get some loot in return as well."

"This process isn't inherently right or wrong, but we all know it has the potential to be a whole lot of either. So, GamesRadar is here to help you make sure you fall on the right side of that equation. Knowing what to put on your own list will help you right now, and knowing what to get for the other gamers in your life? That can reap payback benefits for years to come."

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redninja3876d ago (Edited 3876d ago )

GamesRadar is an idiot! This list is fairly comprehensive though.

jinn3875d ago

just wait till next year