Facebook: Casual gaming's newest victim

Facebook. It's the new sensation that's sweeping the nation. Everyone and their dead grandmother has a Facebook. In fact, MEGATONik is pretty sure it's illegal to not have one. The newest craze to hit the Book of Face are the new applications which let you rate your friends' hotness or even play games.

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Krazy Ken Kutaragi3944d ago

At least the games are much better than garbage like Lair and Uncharted.

Douchebaggery3944d ago

Dude you're not even trying

MatteLeDog3944d ago

@ Krazy Ken Kutaragi : Your mother really should have swallowed

SaiyanFury3944d ago

Woo! Glad to see there's no anti-Sonyism going on here!

faisdotal3944d ago

Dear Ken,

You're the reason the ps3 is doing badly.

Give Sony back their exclusives ASS FACE.

Nothing is yours,


AnthonyPerez3944d ago

The casual games sector is the fastest growing one in gaming. One of the biggest reasons is because it doesn't carry the social stigma of traditional gaming.