Kevin Butler hating on 2011 Top 10 lists

Sony's Kevin Butler obviously hasn't visited N4G as he hits out at Top 10 lists, maybe he's being ironic.

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lorianguy2094d ago

He can do anything he wants and get away with it.

He is Jesus afterall!

MidnytRain2094d ago

Yet you'll find yourself still coming back for more!

Although, his observation is quite accurate.

Tony P2094d ago

I don't get where he's coming from.

"Non-gaming" top ten lists like what?

Alabaster2094d ago

LMAO @ the Peter Molenuex part!

tiffac0082094d ago

I'm still waiting for a Kevin Butler meets Chuck Norris video. lol!

tarbis2093d ago

The world is gonna go boom if that happened. XD

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