Lost Planet launches with a budget price

Capcom's big PS3 surprise was a port of the former Xbox 360 exclusive, Lost Planet.

Disappointed PS3 fans expecting more were dismayed by the idea of yet another port, and threw a collective tantrum on the internet. Well, at least Capcom's making a smart move by pricing next year's port at a discount price.

If Capcom's official store is to be believed, the game will launch for only $40 -- that's $20 less than the standard retail price for games.

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Brian52473731d ago

Still don't care. I wouldnt buy this game if it were $20

ruibing3731d ago

I think it depends on when its coming out next year. It's a pretty jammed pack year for PS3 games, so it's going to have to find a sweet spot for me to make a purchase.

lawman11083731d ago

Come on..........How could I resist?

macalatus3731d ago

Hey lawman1108, didn't I warn you about the dangers of using drugs?

shrimpboat3730d ago

your just mad because the PS3 is stepping all over the 360 in every country but the US. Well look at the December Predictions.

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the worst3731d ago

im buying $40
i didnt get 2 finish on 360

sonarus3731d ago

lol same. was playing it for a while but it got lame but if its 40 bucks i'll reconsider. The game is pretty ok aint the best but definetly something i would like to finish

ReBurn3731d ago

So RROD prevented you from finishing it? You couldn't finish it when you got your 360 back?

lawman11083731d ago

That game on easy takes like 10 hrs to play, keep up the RROD stuff cuz its all you have and ps it aint stopping people from buying the system. People forget that the very 1st pack in for the PS3 was Taladaga nights (shocker a BR movie) and the second pack is was also a movie (Spider-man 3) wake up and except the fact Sony wants BR NOT a game system. hope you Sony boys are buying alot of BR disc's cuz you sure aint buying games (what few you have that is.

macalatus3731d ago (Edited 3731d ago )


We understand you spend all of your dough on smoke coming from Microsoft's a$$! At least you do enjoy it, right?

PS: Wow, dude, you're pretty close in making your second account!! Assuming you don't have another right now, that is!

dhammalama3730d ago

My box RROD'd when I was playing this game too, so I haven't finished it either. It's a cool game though.

shrimpboat3730d ago (Edited 3730d ago )

Thats funny. I was playing Lost Planet when I got the RRoD. No lie, I swear. LOL . It was 2 days before Bioshock came out and I was pi$$ed. Its funny because Now i am scarred to put the game back in my system and I haven't played it since.

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MaximusPrime3731d ago

i didnt like the demo (on xbox 360) . I will play PS3 demo to see if it has improved or not.

FamilyGuy3731d ago (Edited 3731d ago )

Budget price is all you had to say o,0
Hopefully it has a demo to checkout first...

Speaking of this and the other most recently approved news, we need more price lowered games. A PS3 greatest hits would be great or just some non-movie games for $40 or less would be nice

sonarus3731d ago

dnt expect that till sony actually starts making a profit. I'd say in a yr or 2

Charlie26883731d ago

If you like mechs/mech games or giant boss battles I would recommend it I had a BLAST playing the game but that was cuz I LOVE them Mechs :P

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