Rumour mill - Epic Mickey 2 to be released next year on multiple consoles

A Disney newsletter has let slip about an Epic Mickey 2 release on multiple consoles.

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wonderwall972176d ago

Wait! This should be just for the Wii. Leave the Wii alone!


I bet Disney knew what will happen if it becomes a Wii or Wii U exclusive,

Abash2176d ago

They should bring Epic Mickey 1 to PS3 with Move support

Soldierone2176d ago

Agreed, I'd buy it. Been wanting to play it, but don't want to buy a Wii just to do that.

DaveMan2176d ago

If this is true then 2012 just got a bit better (in my books anyway). Epic Micky wasn't perfect, but the concept was very awesome that failed in practice. Hopefully Epic Mickey 2 will make it right this time, and will look a bit better on the hd consoles eh ;)

Tommy3342176d ago

Yeah epic mickey 1 on ps3 id buy itfor like $25.