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Techtree Gives 9/10 To Mass Effect: "one of the best game experiences ever"

Techtree.com writes, "They say that gaming is a male dominant activity -- the killing of aliens, slaughtering of zombies, and multiplayer shooters are not something that girls usually enjoy. But that is about to change; Mass Effect, the latest game from Bioware, is an epic sci-fi story, with exceptional production values and great conversation systems, that helps build the story."

" This is the best sci-fi game that the Xbox 360 has to offer. The single player campaign is way better than the most famous Halo franchise, and that's the truth; fan boys can flame me, I don't care. This is a part of the 3 game franchise, and with the first game which is so near perfect, I can only imagine what the rest of the game will be like. A must have game, which has replay value, great graphics, awesome gameplay, and one of the best game experiences ever." (Mass Effect, Xbox 360) 4.5/5

tatotiburon  +   2643d ago
excelent review...definitely a AAA, amazing year microsoft
BLACKJACK VII  +   2643d ago
"A must have game, which has replay value, great graphics, awesome gameplay, and one of the best game experiences ever."
Eclipticus  +   2643d ago
i havent been this engrossed with a game, since the first KOTOR. hmm coincidence. Oblivian almost got me there. but nope. I swear i spent 20 minutes pondering the fate of the alien race..

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