Ripten Rant: Silly Blogger, Exclusives Aren't Free! Street Fighter 4 Pics Pulled From Brazillian Blog

Ripten Managing Editor and Founder Chad Lakkis responds to 1up Editor James Mielke's recent article. James accuses an individual (Douglas Pereia) of stealing the images from EGM, and calls out Kotaku for publishing the news, claiming that they wanted hits among other things.

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Skerj3905d ago

Hah nice Fighting Street pic Nos. In any case I'm glad Douglas showed the pics, because if I had to wait a month to see THOSE surface I'd have been really pissed.

Nostradavis3905d ago

Exactly. this is NOT the same as a movie studio or game developer having screens leaked before the release. If Capcom is cool with giving out images to EGM and 1up then guess what? They are free game to everyone, because at that point it just comes down to whether or not the people who paid (bent over backwards - or forwards) for the right are being shorthanded, and frankly...I don't care about them.

riqued3905d ago

He works at EGM Brazil as a freelancer and stole a password to get the images.

If someone gave the images to him everything would be ok, but he stole it.

belfastga3905d ago

riqued, I'm personally wondering what kind of contract EGM/1UP proper had with Capcom to obtain those images, though. Maybe we need to know more about what it means for something to be "exclusive," and I'm sure not every contract is exactly the same.

I think it goes without saying that the EGM staff had sole possession of the images at one point, but is it necessarily wrong to publish those images elsewhere if you're able to obtain them?

I'm not saying it was the right thing to do or that some punishment shouldn't be incurred, but rather, is it "illegal?" As they come from Capcom, does Ziff Davis actually "own" those images in any sense of the word?

Personally, I'd settle for hearing more about how these things work with the big boys.

barom3905d ago

When Capcom or any other company gives information to a news group like 1up. There is that little something called NDA you crackheads. It is actually ILLEGAL to release that information to the public unless it's permitted by Capcom (or whatever company).

Ripten, Kotaku and that Brazilian blog is all a bunch of idiots. They have no respect for anyone do they? It's true everyone is out for money (hits) but at least have some dignity and respect for other people/company.

Nostradavis3905d ago


I find it hilarious that you think Capcom just "gave" it to 1up. How much respect does 1up give to their readers when they say that they have no idea the amount of hard work they put in?

As a reader, you know what I want to know about? I don't want to hear about their hard work, I want to hear about what they gave Capcom to get the "exclusive" that is driving traffic to them? Because if you think that IGN and Gamespot were not trying to get that same exclusive content from Capcom you are the "crackhead" my friend.


barom3905d ago (Edited 3905d ago )

Wtf are you talking about? What is so disrespectful of them to tell you they worked hard to get that info? They're not bragging about it. They're explaining the situation. Besides, they saying they worked hard does NOT hurt us (readers) in any way!

And when did I ever say that IGN and GameSpot didn't want that information? All I said was that when confidential information is shared between 2 companies. There's a contract going on (NDA). Making it illegal to share that info to the public.

And I said crackhead kinda in the open but considering how you took my comment. You must be a crackhead.

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name3905d ago

I'd rather have soul calibur to be honest.

novaIS3503905d ago

This guy just ripped James Mielke a new one. I personally hate the 1up crew. Dan Hsu, James Mielke and Kathleen are my least favorite people on that website. I don't know these people nor would I ever want to meet them. For some reason whenever I hear their voices or see them in pictures, it just makes me want to punch a baby. Maybe it's their undying love for anything halo, maybe it's Kathleen's need to cuss every 5 seconds to sound cool, maybe it's Hsu's boyband smile, or James' ugly beard/mustache. The End