Toys"R"Us drops pre-order price for Final Fantasy XIII-2

Consumers can save a considerable amount of money by ordering Final Fantasy XIII-2 at Toys"R"Us today.

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ElliePage2368d ago

It's still to much for a game that just takes the ending of FF13, turns it into a filler, and doesn't solve anything or tell you anything new outside of it being "to be continued" (meaning FF13-3 is right on track to release before FFvs13).

WhiteLightning2368d ago

"anything or tell you anything new outside of it being "to be continued" (meaning FF13-3 is right on track to release before FFvs13)."

Is that true or are you just assuming, I;m guessing you've played the sequel then.

Jesus christ, FF13-3, are Sqaure just stupid. Now the worst FF game in the franchise is getting another game.

They better seperate FF13 Versus from the Fabula Nova Crystallis series and just make that series the "Final Fantasy 13 Trilogy".

I give up with Sqaure...I really do.

rabidpancakeburglar2368d ago

Why the hell does your comment have 5 agrees? You even have Moerdigan below believing that there will be a XIII-3. The number of people who click on these articles just to badmouth the game (or XIII) is ridiculous.

D3mons0ul2368d ago (Edited 2368d ago )

Now maybe people will actually buy it.

I DONT KNOW if the game is good or bad. I'm nobody to make those claims.

I do know that it carries a stigma though. Even if this game is good, people will not forget how disappointed they were with XIII so easily.

It's just Toys R Us though and I don't know about you but I don't really think of video games like FF...when I think of Toys R this isn't really a big deal.

Moerdigan2368d ago

not buying the game when I heard about 13-3. that's just a turn off.

kreate2367d ago

Hehe .. :)

kevnb2368d ago

meh, it will probably be $5 in a bin after a few short months

jc485732368d ago (Edited 2368d ago )

yea, just don't buy it used from gamestop. Last time I went there, most of their used games had a punch hole in the bar code of game covers. Don't ask me why.

[email protected]2367d ago (Edited 2367d ago )

proof of purchase...if you buy used games the client can claim their buy it at new from the store with a claim or customer support ticket. thinking as a business man is a wise choice EVEN when I do hate Gamestop with a burning passion.

Marz2368d ago

i actually enjoyed ffxiii even though it wasnt nearly as good as the other final fantasies. I just ordered this and i dont care what anyone says.

Hicken2367d ago

Good to hear someone not swayed by all the hate. I'll be picking it up as well.

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