Lair Price Drops, A Lot

Ripten writes:

"There was some incredible fuss over Lair - it's like the reviewers just loved to hate it, and it was the task of the next reviewer to out do the previous one. We've seen some similar behavior in Assassin's Creed reviews, with it starting out as a 10/10 title, and then flying all the way down to 6/10. It was more extreme for Lair though...How could you not buy it now? You could buy it for $35 and then realize that it's actually not that bad..."

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gamesblow3791d ago

There is not 1 thing wrong with the controls for anyone who wants to sit down and open their minds up to it. It's an incredible looking game and, in my honest opinion, playing one too. Lair is a great package at 60 bucks, not for everyone... but everyone should try it. It's amazingly good.

TheExecutive3791d ago

The controls werent the problem for me. It was the presentation. The story and the actual actions of the character were contradictory at best. I HATED how factor five just randomly threw you into missions. The game lacked any substance and what the hell was up with the targeting system? I cant choose what to shoot at? I have to cycle through? Give me a break. I beat it my first time through in 4 hrs and why go back and play it again?

gamesblow3791d ago

Yeah, right what? I've played it and beat it 3 times now... What about you? Have you even given it a try? Hell no, you box boy, SLOP DONG.

PS360WII3791d ago

I think he's saying yea right to you being open minded to odd controls when you hate the Wii Remote so much. If you just opened up your mind to it you'd realize that the Wii Remote is just as wonderful as the sixaxis.

Method3791d ago

Gotta love it when playslaves go as far as defending downright terrible games to justify their poor investment.

Antiomo3791d ago

Its even for sad when xbots try and defend MS or put a blind eye the the RROD.

IMO the xbox is a terrible investment if its known to break on you, and yes I've heard the argument that it has more games but guess what Im playing all games I want on the PC/ps3

Gears, R6v, GRAW2, bioshock

halo and mass effect does not interest me. But that is my opinion.

TheExecutive3791d ago (Edited 3791d ago )

lol i love it when people who buy a defective console call the ps3 a poor investment. I am no sony fanboy, I am a ps fan. Lair was terrible, no denying it. However, someone calling a ps3 a poor investment, especially someone who pry owns a 360, just straight up doesnt know what they are talking about, knows nothing about the market trend, nor do they know anything about quality electronics.

lol @ method... child? Give me a break. I dont deny that the 360 has some wonderful games, but you denying that the ps3 doesnt have any tells me your age, tells me youre a fanboy and most important of all tells me that we no longer need to chat online ever. Welcome to my ignore list loser.

Method3791d ago

I paid $20 for the 2year bestbuy replacement warranty, I have nothing to worry about child.

You can always fix the 360's rrod problem with a simple and cheap warranty but you can't fix the ps3's lack of good games; the truth hurts.

InMyOpinion3791d ago

I've tried it at a friends. Before that we played Metroid Prime 3(why isn't this mentioned in any awards??) on the Wii. The control switch from wiimote to sixaxis felt embarassing. I said "yeah right" because Lair is not a good game. It's downright horrible.

FirstknighT3791d ago

You played Lair 3 times already??? Wow, now I know why you don't like the 360. You like to play crap!!!! No crap over here.

jorellpogi3791d ago (Edited 3791d ago )

No matter how great your warranty but the fact remains that you have a defective product.

lawman11083791d ago

Click know you want to

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Blademask3791d ago

The story was fine for a game. While its not GOTY material, it was paced well. Lair does show off the shiny parts of the PS3 very well.

Lair is a GOOD GAME. For some reason all reviewers decided to attack the controls? If anything it really deserves a 7/10 if the "controls" were a factor. I wouldn't think the Game Review Community is in such shambles if they went after the REAL problem with the game. The missions were just "meh" at best. You just did stuff until the next cut-scene started. I wasn't sure if I was in the right place.. just chaotic.

If you are into dragons, then you should buy it. If not, skip it. Just that simple. Don't think for one second there is something wrong with the controls, if you CAN lift your arms, you should be able to play lair with no problem. This may have been an issue for more of our portly reviewers though.

Skerj3791d ago (Edited 3791d ago )

Hell for that price I'll buy it. Lmao I just saw Beowulf for PS3/360 dropped to 20 bucks, however I WON'T be buying that.

funkycoldmedina3791d ago

I just saw Beowulf ($19.99) and The Darkness ($29.99) for very low prices at WalMart, but neither are games that I care for. I saw Call of Duty 3 PS3 version for $19.99 at BestBuy yesterday and bought StrangleHold CE for $40 there also. I have to say the last couple of months the game library has been good for PS3. Now the long wait for MGS4, KZ2, and the next FFs.

Skerj3791d ago (Edited 3791d ago )

Wow the Darkness for 30 bucks and Stranglehold CE for 40? I might actually partake in those deals, that's only 10 bucks more than a normal game together. The last game I planned to get for this year was UT3 on PS3, so I don't have to worry about teh monies. Don't worry about the wait man, if you got Warhawk the expansion is coming up. Then Burnout and DMC4 so there'll be games to play in the meantime.

bootsielon3791d ago

Anyway, I'll get this game when it drops below $20.00 USD

mintaro3791d ago

lol its good to see someone not continuing to beat a dead horse with negative feedback


i actually liked lair

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