Halo 3 Matchmaking Updates (Team Hardcore & BTB)

December 11 Update

The December 11 playlist update is well into testing. This playlist is going to include a playlist specifically for the new Heroic DLC maps (so that early adopters can get their fix in), as well as incorporating those maps into the general playlists. In addition, we're reasonably sure that variety updates to almost all of the playlists will be included.

December 18 Update

An extra week buys us some extra testing time. The December 18 update will include the Team Hardcore playlist. I will post some specifics about the composition of this playlist by the end of the week--we're still playtesting. What I can be pretty sure about is that we're trying to stay true to Halo 2's THC playlist, which means nothing crazy, but a solid variety.

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AbyssGravelord3938d ago

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toughNAME3938d ago

they pulled a Guerilla Games

Meus Renaissance3938d ago (Edited 3938d ago )

If they were trying to pull off a Guerilla Games, Halo 3 would look alot better that's for sure.


toughNAME3938d ago

Which makes sense...because Halo and Killzone 2 were released at the same time? not in different years...right?

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Meus Renaissance3938d ago (Edited 3938d ago )

Every comment you make makes you look bad though, toughNAME. So you take bubbles because of what you perceive as stupidity from others makes you look bad? You're better off just not giving reasons but taking them as you please.

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