January 2012 Video Game Releases

2012 kicks off with a pretty good month that sees two good downloadable releases as well as two major retail releases. One of those major releases is Final Fantasy XIII-2 and it will be interesting to see how well it fares in the rest of the world, after the lower than expected sales the sequel experienced in Japan.

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TrendyGamers1846d ago

I'm really excited for NFL Blitz. Hopefully it doesn't disappoint.

Kurisu1846d ago (Edited 1846d ago )

FFXIII-2 is a February release here :( The beginning of February, but still. Those couple extra days of waiting will be torture xD Thank GOD the wait between releases isn't as bad as it used to be for the older FF games!

TrendyGamers1846d ago (Edited 1846d ago )

You could always import it!

TrendyGamers1846d ago

I'm glad someone got the joke!

Kurisu1846d ago

I can't believe people actually disagreed with you! :P

DaveMan1846d ago

Silent HD Collections is probably my most anticipated. Always wanted to play 2, and 3...just never got around it for some reason.

BigDollarZoe9541846d ago (Edited 1846d ago )

Final Fantasy XIII-2 and NFL Blitz can't wait

j-blaze1846d ago

i was looking forward to Anarchy Reigns but sadly it got delayed delayed to July 2012...

it's now FFXIII-2 and Soulcalibur V for me :)

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