Rumor: FFXIII And FF Versus XIII Trailers For PSN This Month?

According to Forever-Fantasy, a Square-Enix published book, CLOUD, will soon be released in Japan. A DVD comes packaged with the book as a bonus, and this DVD boasts all new videos for both Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy Versus XIII! Now, these highly anticipated trailers are bound to get a ton of attention, but if they're only available on this DVD that comes out in Japan, how will you see them? Well, perhaps the trailers will go global...on the PlayStation Store. There is no evidence to suggest this will happen, but the timing would make perfect sense.

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Bonsai12143879d ago

that would be great. watching a HD trailer on my tv is the next closest thing to actually playing the game..

same with the mgs4 gameplay demo. watching that gave me goosebumps about what is going to happen in the near future

Grassroots3879d ago

doubt they'll be released on the store, but they will leak on the internet, and I for one can't wait for a new trailer.

Vojkan3879d ago

Well you answered your own question. We all know that it is going to leak on youtube so why not give fans full HD? I know i would, to hype my game, and not let them watch low quality on youtube, that just kills hype.

Blademask3879d ago

But hasn't the American PS/PS2 owner shown that WE LOVE FINAL FANTASY. GIVE US THE GOODS AT LEAST THE SAME TIME?!?!

Same goes for Gran Turismo.

To the petition mobile!

@Bonsai I agree, its creepy to watch the vids of MGS and figure "I am going to be playing this, exactly like this."

FamilyGuy3879d ago

This is off topic but it got me thinking. Why aren't there any PS3 formt downloads like there are for everything else? I mean download sites and suck.

It would be really nice to download videos that have already been converted a PS3s HD format. i hate having to convert mkvs...

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The story is too old to be commented.