Sony asks for $120 to fix PSP Slim faceplate crack

A gamer is claiming that when he purchased his PSP Slim the top of the faceplate was cracked and he was told to send it to Sony to sort it out. Original FW was on board and as it was a defect on arrival, he thought Sony wouldn't charge anything to fix it. BUT they gave him a call and said to fix the faceplate crack he'd have to pay $120!

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Zhuk3906d ago

Sony is truly the Scrooge of the games industry, better not ask for a piece of coal this christmas

Vash_The_Stampede3906d ago (Edited 3906d ago )

Your a funny little girl....

So your saying Microsoft NEVER charged their customers to fix the Red Ring Stricken 360's when the problem first arrive.

I personally don't believe this story, because you always have the option to bring back in your hardware and exchange it if it's brand new. You know that, and I know that. Call any store.

Let me guess, it was the dusty PS3 kids PSP that had the crack on it, lol.

Stop with the attacks.

Violater3906d ago (Edited 3906d ago )

The Troll Sony Force is out if full swing, ohh well back to COD4

LMFAO @ the FART who submitted this story and his disciples that approved it, good work guys.

Vip3r3906d ago

That's funny. I can recall microsoft charging customers before the 3 year warranty came out.

therealwillie3906d ago

this is crap, if you've just bought a psp you don't get told "send it to sony" who ever you bought it off deals with it and if it is just bought you get it replaced no questions asked, if its broken under the year guarantee who ever you dealt with sends it back, and within a matter of days you will have it back no charge, i know, i sell them

crck3906d ago

Vip3r: That 3 year warranty is only good for the "red ring of death" everything else is still only 1 year. And we all know how poorly put together the 360 is. For example my Elite doesn't shut off half the time now. If this happened outside the 1 year warranty MS would be charging me to fix it along with all the other problems 360s have outside the RROD.

Sam Fisher3906d ago

they sent full refunds to every1 who payed 4 it be4 the warranty

godofthunder103906d ago (Edited 3905d ago )

if this was microsoft we would never hear the end of fans would be saying that it's junk and not worth the money and people need to buy sony products but it's sony so we want hardly hear from them at all about this.

to Ri0tSquad

i read below where you said that xbox fans never say anything bad about microsoft just sony.well you told me to tell you if you are lieing then i'm here to say that you are lieing.i admitt that the 360 had problems and microsoft is trying ti fix them,in the new 360 they have the new chips in them and the people that bought the 360 before then has a 3 year's pathetic that an idiot like you would post the crap you did saying people that have an abox thinks that it's a god.
well you could tell by your post that it's you that think that the ps3 is a god.i guess you can't or don't want to remember or you act like and hope other people don't remember the problems with the ps1 and 2 when they first came out,they had problems with them because they kept saying can't read disc,even when it was a new system and a new game,hell i had to buy 5 in less then a year and a half and i know some people that bought more and sony didn't do a damn thing about it but after about the first 2 years of the consoles life sony finally got the problem fix and i'll admitt that sony had it right from the bigging of the ps3 life because it never had a problem and it's a good system but it took sony 3 console generations to get it right the first time and microsoft is only on their 2nd console and besides the problems with the ps1 and 2 sony had problems with their computers exploding in people faces,cameras with defects and their first br players had problems but you don't talk about that do you.
like i said before the 360 had problems and microsoft is trying to fix them.all the new 360 has the new chips in them so they want over heat and people have a 3 year warinty on the 360 and it's not true as one person was saying when he said that it only cover the rrod,the fact is it covers the drive to and that the majority of the console parts but sony didn't do that for us with the ps1 and 2 did they.
if this was sony having trouble and gave a 3 year warrinty you would be the first one to say that it's great and sony knows how to take care of they customers but since it's microsoft it's not good enough well name me one other electronic product with a defect or not that has a 3 year warrinty.
it's you that needs to give credit where credit is only give credit to sony just because you have a ps3 like a child.i bet that you critize every 360 game saying that the graphics sux,they look like ps2 games,the games that's on the 360 isn't any good.well the truth is that the 360 has lots of games that looks better on the 360 then the ps3 and viceversa and i bet that if halo 3,bioshock and other exclusive games on the 360 that you claims sux was ported over to the ps3 you would be the first one in line to buy it,hell i bet you were one of the ps3 fans that said oblivian suxed when it first came out on the 360 but when it was ported over to the ps3 you bought it.
so you see you're the idiot that want give credit where credit is due and for you to say that people thinks that the 360 is god when it's you that thinks that the ps3 is god is just pathetic and you need to get a life and stop critizing people for something that you are doing you sony fanboy.
the 360 and ps3 are both good consoles,just because i hate sony and never will buy a ps3 doesn't mean that i have to lie and say that the ps3 sux and all the games on it because it's not true.i'll admitt that the ps3 have some exclusive games that i wish was on the 360 and i know that the 360 have exclusives that sony fans wish was on the ps3 and people like you that say it is true are just hypercrits and might as well stop lieing because sony want give you any money,a free game or a ps3 for talking trash and lieing about the 360,the fact is that neither company gives a sh*t about you and they both will lie their asses off so you would buy their system and that's just buisness and every company does'it.

BrianC62343905d ago

I have a hard time believing anything posted on a site sponsored by the Love Predictor. What kind of sponsor is that? That's a nothing site. And I wouldn't be surprised if this was just more Microsoft crap like that loser with the filthy PS3.

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Krazy Ken Kutaragi3906d ago

The world would be a far better place without Sony and their crappy overpriced filth.

aiphanes3906d ago

Nope...they don't and at $169.99 the PSP is an awesome deal. You can get a PS3 40GB for $299 using the Sony Credit tell me it is overpriced? Add up all the microsoft Xbox 360 crap and it is way more expensive...but i am not trying to hate on the is a good system...when it works...

Yo Mama3906d ago (Edited 3906d ago )

The user on the forums who claims Sony is charging him wrote this back in OCT:

"okay, I sent my PSP to sony 5 hours ago. Let's see how much sony gonna make me pay for incipient failure. I bet $ony needs money to cover up loss from PS3. If they ever make me a phone call and say..."

In the title he clearly states that his PSP is "dying". Could be more wrong than he's letting on.

aiphanes3906d ago

Why are people so stupid? Oh i forgot this guy was a that tells the story....

dragunrising3906d ago (Edited 3906d ago )

Your gamerscore doesn't show up online...You use the word "xbot". You are a Sony pu$$y in hiding. STFU

Edit: It seems you don't own a Wii either; there is no way it would be your PS3 user name.

zonetrooper53906d ago

So if I bought a Sony PSP and wanted to sent it back I would be called an Xbot?

Wow, people are pretty lame, people who use xbot or sony droid etc I could bet my top dollar that they are 12 years old maybe.

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