Final Fantasy X Remake: In early stage

"Square Enix producer Yoshinori Kitase spoke briefly on the upcoming PlayStation 3 and PS Vita remake of Final Fantasy X during an interview with the latest issue of German magazine M! Games.

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jc485732305d ago

somewhat excited about this. Need some screenshots.

iamtehpwn2305d ago (Edited 2305d ago )

I'd like to see some too. Does anyone else get the feeling that this is more than just a remaster if it's taking this long? If it were merely a simple upscale with trophies like the other remasters have been, it wouldn't be this secretive as far as what the game looks like..

I sincerely hope Square is going all out with this remake--and in particular re-rendering all the prerendered cutscenes in full 1080p.

Bereaver2305d ago

This game kind of ranks higher than any game that I've purchased this gen as a day one purchase.

One of my favorite games of all time.

I also hope we can get some screenshots.

As for it being just a remaster, I heard it isn't. I saw a post somewhere before where they answered that it was not just going to be a remaster but indeed a remake. How far will they go with the words "remake" I'm not sure. But that's what they said.

whosthatguy2304d ago

These are just some rumored details I found on the remake:

They actually sound legit, and making me even more excited for this game. Probably my most anticipated for next year

Misterhbk2305d ago

I expect a late 2012 release for this game. If so expect huge numbers for it. People have been craving a classic FF game all generation long. I truly cannot wait for this!

Tidus, my body is ready once again!

CaitSith2305d ago

"Tidus, my body is ready once again!"

Nasty LOL.

slayorofgods2305d ago

FFX PS4 release? FFvs13 PS5 release?

Eamon2305d ago

haha this made me chuckle.

Reibooi2305d ago

It's kinda odd that if people think this is more then a simple remaster that SE hasn't said a thing to confirm or deny it.

I mean either way they should speak up. If it IS a real remake on a new engine say so as to hype up the fan base who thinks that isn't what it is and if it's not just a simple remaster say so so fans don't get hyped up for something they will not be getting.

Either way I would expect we will know for sure which it will be by or at E3 next year.

Man In Black2305d ago

Despite its linearity, I have only good memories of this game. So incredible, and also pretty sad. Haven't really played many other JRPGs that have come close (though Resonance of Fate had awesome gameplay, but a crappy story). What I really want is a HD remake, make it look as good as those CGI cutscenes. Not possible, I know, but dammit, that would be awesome.

DragonKnight2305d ago

After playing FFXIII, I can't call FFX linear. Even in the beginning where you're pretty much forced to go forward to Zanarkand, hitting all the temples along the way, you can at least take your time, explore around towns, talk with people, go back (as far as Luca anyway) if you want. You can consider Operation Mi'hen a side mission since it's not part of Yuna's pilgrimage.

It is a superior game to all the FF games released after it thus far.

Man In Black2305d ago

Yeah, it does have a lot of side stuff to do, but until a certain point, it is fairly linear. Still, it's way better than XII and XIII. XII seriously put me on the brink of falling asleep many times, and the story was completely forgettable.

Bleucrunch2304d ago

But why??? smh I dont get this company man! Where is kingdom hearts 3, Versus 13...smh...SMDH!

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DonaldBeck2305d ago (Edited 2305d ago )


Snookies122305d ago

Cannot wait to get this... I don't know how many times I've played through FFX, I'm getting every single trophy... o_o

DragonKnight2305d ago

Chocobo Racing, Butterfly catching trophies. O_O'

Not going to enjoy those. I just hope that we all get the International version with the Dark Aeons and Penance. AND JAPANESE VOICES!

Snookies122305d ago

Ugh so true... Getting a zero time on chocobo racing was horrible... Also, jumping 200 lightning bolts in a row killed me when I missed on one of the last ones lol.

Yeah though, was just talking to my friend about that, I hope they include Penance in this version!

disturbing_flame2305d ago

Final Fantasy XIII VS still in early development.
Final Fantasy X HD still in early development.
Final Fantasy VII remake never entered in early development.

Happily Square is gonna release a true great JRPG on 3DS : Bravely Default. A new IP that seems being in development since a long time.

I don't know what are the relations between Sony and Square these days, but those two corporations have always done really well together, it would really be dommageable for both of them if they miss their cooperation.

I think Sony should have secure also a new IP from Square for the Vita for the Japan market. But for the moment it's early and they have this Pikmin remake or jinda, so it shows that they are still working together.

Hope this will not take too much time.

FFXIII VS nobody talk of the game anymore, don't make the same mistake with this remake.

fluffydelusions2305d ago

You act like Square and Nintendo never had a relationship. FF started on Nintendo.

disturbing_flame2305d ago (Edited 2305d ago )

You judge people badly. I don't know if you always do it, but respect people before saying something false.

Where am i saying that square never had relationship with Nintendo ?

I am saying that a new IP is releasing on 3DS and i think it gonna be great, it proves that Square have always counted on Nintendo, if they didn't they would not release it on 3DS, and i don't see Nintendo paying Square lot of money just to have exclusives, they have a true relationship because owners of Nintendo 's consoles also wait games from Square on Nintendo devices.

It was the same with Playstation. But with this generation, i don't see Square treating right the fans supporting them through Playstation platforms.

People who bought a Playstation they also bought it to play Square games,there were a lot of JRPG that Square did not release on Playstation, i think those games partly flopped because of that by the way, games like Lost Oddyssey, Infinite Undiscovery, The Last Remnant should have been released on PS3.

So i'm talking about this relationship between Sqaure and Sony, that shows that things are strange between them even if Square games when they are released on PS3, they do pretty good scores. When you see FFXIII outselling xbox version, and certainly FFXIII-2 will do the same, you understand that the public is waiting for Square games, they supported them with PS2 and PS1, they are now waiting for games from them.

If you look at FFXIII VS development it's been 3 years now that we don't have news of the game. each time : "the game is still in early development". If FFX follow the same path, in three years people will still wait for it.

So as i said i hope they will not do the same mistake with this remake.

slayorofgods2305d ago (Edited 2305d ago )

SE gets angered very easily and needs that extra special treatment. Sure they would make more money going with a established jrpg console like the PS3 or even going multiplatform. But they are a developer who's main satisfaction is having the company by their [email protected]

DigitalRaptor2305d ago (Edited 2305d ago )


Your information of "Final Fantasy Versus XIII" is pretty inaccurate.

3 years with no news? Where have you been for the past year? Based on everything we know about the game itself and its technical development, it's not hard to estimate that the game is about 65% complete in its raw alpha build. maybe more. Just do the research and you will find it.

The game should be out by the end of 2012 if not early 2013. The problem is that they announced Versus XIII too early and then decided to focus on what seemed like a more valuable multiplatform pursuit (FF XIII). That led them to again put Versus XIII on the sidelines for a sequel which most people didn't really want or ask for.

Megaman_nerd2304d ago (Edited 2304d ago )

Nintendo destroyed that relationship by themselves while Sony is still the same, it's Square who are doing everything in their might to capture the western market through the Xbox. Two different things if you ask me @fluffydelusions.

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Capt-FuzzyPants2305d ago

Actually Versus 13 is well into developement.

ZombieAssassin2305d ago (Edited 2305d ago )

I'd think Sony and SE have a good relationship as I believe Sony own over 9% stock in SE. It has seemed weird though that they'd release JRPG's for the 360 and not Ps3 since most sales for those games I'd say come from Japan and xbox doesn't exactly have a fan base there.

xtreampro2305d ago (Edited 2305d ago )

Everything at SE is still early in development and will never be finished.

KH3's current deadline is December 31st 3799.

Superted20072305d ago

It's going to be such a system seller for the PS279

thesummerofgeorge2305d ago

ACTUALLY... Everyone knows it'll be coming out for the PS280, and not a day sooner. Get your facts straight guys...

no_more_heroes2301d ago


can someone give me Doctor Who's phone number?

Lucreto2305d ago

I was hoping it was further along in production but if it is a remake and they are not denying it. I will look forward to hear more about it.

I thought it would be out later this year but it looks like late next year.

PshycoNinja2305d ago

Wait I am confused. Are you saying you thought it would be out late THIS year (2011) or this next year (2012)? And are you now expecting it to come out late next year (2012) or the following year (2013)? I have so many questions lol...

Lucreto2305d ago

Sorry my mistake

I was expecting around September 2012 but if they are in early development I expect Winter 2013 now.