Play's Unreal Tournament III Review - 87%

On the whole, Unreal Tournament III is nothing new. But that doesn't matter; its predecessors were so much fun that no ground breaking changes were needed, really. It won't convert anyone who didn't like Unreal Tournament in the first place, but you'd have to be mad to think like that, anyhow. This game is pure, unadulterated, ultra-violent fun, and should perhaps be compulsory for anyone who needs a bit of stress relief in their life, or have the urge to shoot aliens for no other reason than because they can.

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DemiseAngel3874d ago

Looking Good, Can't wait to get it. This is the real multi player game, forget Warhawk....

mintaro3874d ago

forget warhawk.....not the real multiplayer game......dude...u just broke my heart.....

warhawk is a great multiplayer game, and theres no question that unreal tournament 3 will b superb but u cannot say that warhawk isnt the real multiplayer game, for the ps3

actas1233874d ago

When did this game come out. I thought they were not going to release until a week form now..

Noodlecup3874d ago

Why didn't Halo 3 score lower because it was nothing new? oh yeh I know why...

QuackPot3874d ago (Edited 3874d ago )

Looks like UT3 will be getting alot of < 90% due to being nothing new....yet still a great FPS

And yet Halo3 - my fav shooter - got > 90% for being "nothing new"...yet still a great FPS.

The inconsistencies and bias of reviewers are a joke.

khellendros13874d ago

I know, I keep hearing that same comment "nothing new" but from all accounts Halo 3 is the same as the last 2 versions. But it's up for game of the year? WTF? 87% is great though and I'm getting it for the PS3.

Blademask3874d ago

Its a closer PS3/PC relationship for now.

"NOTHING NEW" is one of the key things you use to review anything related to a PS3.

I'd almost bet money that you can never find a 360 related game with the words "nothing new" in the review. That means that all 360 games are innovative and unique.

Skerj3874d ago

Can you please name a 360 game that hasn't been done before? I'll give you Bioshock's setting, the gameplay was done in System Shock II and better. There are some games on the ORIGINAL Xbox that were innovative but nothing on the 360.

QuackPot3874d ago (Edited 3874d ago )

But reviewers had their heads too far up Microsoft and Billy's a55 to know any better.

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The story is too old to be commented.