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Ocean Marketing should suffer, not N-Control - $10 Discounts on Controllers

After the huge fiasco around Ocean Marketing and the people at N-Control, many things were left unclear to how related Paul Christoforo, the douchebag that started it all, was to the actual product, the Avenger controller. (Industry, Ocean Marketing, Paul Christoforo, PS3, Xbox 360)

Lelldorianx  +   1188d ago
While Paul was an asshole in his customer handling, N-Control still took orders against Visa and MasterCard policy to fund their backordered product. They are not innocent in this.
dark-hollow  +   1188d ago
No both deserve this imo!

This is was not the first time paul was very rude to a costumer!
There are many complaints from june about his behavior and they even admitted that he is "rough around the edges!"

Actually, how can they hire someone who cant even spell properly!?

This whole company lack profesionalism.
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gaden_malak  +   1188d ago
The guy is a massive chode. His twitter is hilarious though. No humility in the guy at all.
Sumsar  +   1188d ago
I registered at this website purely to say that "Customer Dave" should get his controller free because of all this!

Reason 1: how he was treated
Reason 2: the publicity it gained.

I never heard of the product until this thats an example of no 2.

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