Black Friday Hardware Sales: HD DVD 62% vs. Blu-ray 37%

HD DVD and Blu-ray Disc stand-alone players sold 57,000 units during the week ending Nov. 24, the day marking the official kick-off to the holiday season. That contrasts to the 600,000 units sold of standard-def DVD players, according to market analyst DisplaySearch.

DisplaySearch released these figures during a Black Friday Webinar on Friday.

HD DVD commanded the lion's share of unit sales for stand-alone high-def disc players, scoring a 62% unit share; Blu-ray held 37%. Due to higher price points, Blu-ray hardware cornered 52% of the revenue; HD DVD, 47%.

Paul Erickson, director of DVD and HD DVD market research at DisplaySearch, said that HD DVD's retail pricing, which on average was 50% cheaper than Blu-ray stand-alones, spurred its Black Friday sales for the format. The most popular high-def models were Toshiba's HD-A3, which many retailers sold for $199, and the Sony and Samsung Blu-ray players and PS3 model that sold for $399.

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Kees3873d ago

too bad the numbers don't include PS3s sold...but well software is way better for sony hehe

PS3PCFTW3873d ago (Edited 3872d ago )

62% in america........ahem im sorry NORTH AMERICA.

bloodmask what are the numbers for world wide sales? I think you conveniently forgot to add those numbers in.

How convenient for u. how sad for hddvd. even more depressing for you and your xfans.

The tide is turning in games as WELL, i expect to see alot of you bots lose your minds.

u hate sony, but the 6 billion other people in the world DONT.

edit: LOL, bloodmask is going down the line giving negatives and im sure minus on bubbles as well.
why not return the favor? if you have a disagree hit up bloodmasks account.

@blackmagic: ok so when hddvd was in the lead aka bluray hadnt even launched, and ALL THE XBOTS WERE PRO-HDDVD it was ok to say xbox owners support the format.
Now that hddvd is lifeless AND the xbots turn their back on hddvd, they no longer are part or support hddvd?

thanx for explaining that so well.

basically what i gather is from world numbers that bluray hold a 85% market share and hddvd a 15% worldwide market share.

sure lets forget about the rest of the world since only americans like watching movies in a high def format.
Yes lets ignore the facts along with the rest of the world and lets focus on the black friday sales which in the larger spectrum of the market does not mean a damn thing.

ignorance=bliss. NO?

thank you for making your points so clearly: hddvd is failing so xbox owners no longer support the format, and black friday sales dont mean sh1t.

edit#2: So wait youre TELLING ME to not call u or others xbots, and im supposed to listen to u? HELLO we are online first of all, and second of all if you ever asked me that in person youd be swallowing your teeth.
like it or not you are an xbot blackmagic. i see a somewhat educated one at that. i wont go as far as to say educated to generalize my opinion of you, but "somewhat educated" fits your foot quite well. since you wanna talk regions that matter where does uk fall into your little twist of perception? to add to your ridiculous comments some countries should be excluded because they have low sales of brd? or are they ignored as well simply because they do not support hddvd like they do bluray.same as ps3 being excluded from all these XBOT articles.....why would you include a factor that uproots everything youre claiming? lets live in denial. YES?

another point you try to make is how i am prosony and you label that as a "droid" or w/e, while presenting your opinions in the same matter as i do my facts. hows your foot taste while you deepthroat it?

frankly i could care less what you thing of me.......and could care less that u can reply to posts 10 times. were online and at the end of the day that doesnt pay the bills or provide you with the luxuries of big ticket items or a higher education. so fus all you want about my posts, im glad i struck a nerve within your self righteous can do no wrong image u attempt to upkeep.

just remember my words when you have to put the old 100 dollar hddvd player away and conform into buying a item which you clearly do not like. HELL maybe by then youll have a 1080p lcd wile everyone else has lcos or Oled.
ill be laughing not at you specifically, but your group as a whole for even thinking hddvd ever stood a chance. even with a negative campaign, false sales, and 100 dollar price tag people still prefer bluray.
1 word: hopeless
concerned, xbot?NO?
id be too if i just bought a clearance sale item........which is going down the drain faster than microsoft can fund.
jump off your sinking ship and swim to brd land xboy. theres plenty of content on this side.

blackmagic3873d ago (Edited 3873d ago )

You do realize that Bloodmask didn't write the article right? He didn't even FIND the article, it was tipped by cdzie1. Maybe if you actually read these articles instead of just the title, you would realize this instead of shooting off your uninformed mouth on every single next gen format post.

Black Friday sales actually refer to the US market, not the North American market. 5M discs have sold in the US market as of October this year, 3.01M Blu-ray to 1.97M HD DVD. In Europe, disc sales were 1M Blu-ray to 370k HD DVD as of November. It's clear that HD uptake in Europe is MUCH lower than the US with the market being over 70% smaller overall and despite there being over 2M PS3s sold in the region. It is also arguable that the most important region for ALL of the major studios is the US. Sony Pictures, MGM, Fox, Universal, Disney, Paramount, Dreamworks, Lionsgate and Warner are all based in the US and cater directly to the US market. The asian market is even smaller than the European market and I would argue that it is virtually meaningless to the European and North American markets anyway. Regardless, Blu-ray has majority stake in Japan and HD DVD (CH DVD) has full market share of China so it is a wash.

When it comes to the format war, the US market MUST be watched closely as it will likely dictate what happens.

As far as gaming goes, I can see why you are so concerned if you are a PS3 owner and have been unwittingly forced into a format war but you REALLY need to let go of the notion that HD DVD fans are 'xbots'. In the US, approx. 250k HD DVD add-ons have been sold and about 9M 360s have been sold. Less than 3% of 360 owners are presently HD DVD supporters. Let me repeat that because there are a lot of particularly slow, dimwitted people here that consistently refer to HD DVD fans as 'xbots'. Less than 3% of 360 owners are presently HD DVD supporters.

To the PS3PCFTW edit above, you have managed to prove to me that you are even less perceptive than I had previously thought. I clearly said to not label HD DVD fans as 'xbots'. I am sure that the majority of people that fit the fanatical 'xbot' classification are indeed HD DVD fans but that is a concept which is mutually exclusive to the concept of HD DVD fans being 'xbots' aside from the fact that people that really are 'xbots' represent the vast minority of 360 owners. I am not an 'xbot' and I take exception to being called one. I am also sure that the people that consistently and repeatedly use the 'xbot' term fit squarely into the fanatical 'droid' classification especially when discussing the format war where I would escalate them into the 'Super Droid' category due to their lack of an educated opinion overrunning their common semse or lack thereof.

I'd also like to see links or supporting data to show your IMAGINARY, FICTITIOUS, ILLUSORY 85% lead. There are only two regions that are selling any relevent numbers, the first being the US with 5M combined HD disc sales, the next being Europe with 1.4M Combined HD disc sales which represents a 1.7:1 lead or a market share of 62% for Blu-ray. The rest of the world is measuring sales in the thousands. Are you trying to imply that Australia with a combined hd disc sales of 120,000 since inception is somehow going to push Blu-ray up to 85%?

And since we are talking regions, why don't you tell me which Japanese Blu-rays you've picked up lately since they are so important to you? For the record, I did NOT ignore the region, I said that the region had little effect on the US or European markets and that any gain made in Japan is COMPLETELY nullified by the Chinese market.

Ignorance IS bliss my little 'Super Droid'.

barom3873d ago

Isn't this an improvement for blu-ray though? Didn't it used to be HD DVD sells 2:1 (around HD 67%, BD 33)?

ironwolf3873d ago

If you take out disk sales for the PS3 and count sales only for stand alone players, it still leads, as the BluRay group admits that 3/4 of their disk sales are on the PS3. Not a good thing as the movie studios place far more weight on stand alone units than multi-function game consoles. They know that eventually those standalones will out number the consoles by a huge amount.

travelguy2k3873d ago (Edited 3873d ago )

Is a United States phenomenon because Thanksgiving is in October in Canada, and there is no thanksgiving in Mexico, so realistically Black Friday only really affects Americans. Canadas biggest shopping day of the year is Boxing day, which oddly enough is the day After Christmas. Black friday would not really affect worldwide sales as it does not exist worldwide.

DeadIIIRed3873d ago

Why does it matter if its a stand alone player or not? If people buy the movies on the format, even if they play it on a PS3, I'm sure the studios don't care.

blackmagic3873d ago (Edited 3873d ago )

Look at it this way DeadIIIRed, The BDA has announced that there are 2.7M players in the US, and there have been 3.01M Blu-ray disc sales since inception in the US. That is pretty much 1:1. Attach rate is what really matters because it is a measure of the repeatability. It means that someone is going back to buy more discs ie it is perpetuating. Blu-ray has not achieved this. In fact, we all know that the people that are buying Blu-ray discs are likely buying more than ONE disc but the attach rate remains at 1:1. This would indicate that a larger and larger portion of new PS3 owners are not buying ANY discs in order to maintain a 1:1 ratio. If you have purchased 20 Blu-ray discs, that means 19 PS3 owners have not bought even 1 in order to maintain a 1:1 ratio and as your collection grows it represents MORE PS3 owners that have not bought a single disc. Until that attach rate starts to grow, all you prove is the number of people that are indifferent to the format.

Barom, the 2:1 hardware sales has always been a vague measure. Similarly, YTD Disc sales are 65:35 which is 1.86:1 but everyone always says 2:1.

LOL PS3 IS JUNK LOL3871d ago

Get a freaking life dude. This is just sad.

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Jandre023873d ago

If they can get a PS3 for 399. Haha
"Well, we got our asses whooped, but hey if we take away the best selling HD movie player since it also plays video games, were doing really well!"

So if its a PS3 it doesnt count or something? Honestly if the PS3 didn't affect software sales, then why does HD DVD consistently sell less on a weekly basis.

I don't even think xbox fans support hd-dvd anymore, they just need to give up already.

Tru_Blu3872d ago

Go to Lots of the guys over there bought PS3's as movie players. It's upgradeable and as cheap as any other player. I think standalone is diluted from the PS3, they need to add those in. On a side note Onkyo had a HD-DVD player already designed and ready to produce, then the A-2 went to $98 and they said "why even bother making a 400 dollar player now." Onkyo has now canceled all plans for making HD-DVD players. LOL they priced out all manufactures from even wanting to make players. So it's down to Toshiba making standalones and Samsung making dual-formats.

Heaven_Or_Hell3873d ago (Edited 3873d ago )

I don't care, tralalaa, i don't care... This (HD-DVD/Blu-Ray war) will no change my life...
Oh Yeah...

gamesR4fun3873d ago

It hurtz dont it hd dvd this is your last xmas

Bubble Buddy3873d ago

aha zhuk is desperate for pro hd dvd news so he approved it. anyways that was sony's plan from the beginning, to put bluray in the ps3 so it has big support so it's not sony's fault, but its a wise startegy.