Rumour: Transformers on Blu-ray in the UK?

Could Transformers be coming to Blu-ray? Have Woolworths let slip a secret or could it just be an admin error?

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Fighter3876d ago (Edited 3876d ago )

It's probably fake but what the heck. Maybe Michael Bay threw a fit or maybe the exclusivity doesn't apply to Europe. Fantastic 4 and Underworld are on HD DVD in Europe as are many other Blu-ray exclusives.

Grassroots3876d ago

It is fake, it would've been known if this title was hitting blu-ray, there's no way it was just on the shelves. I'd love to pick this up, but it just won't happen.

sonarus3876d ago

remember how blu ray only titles found its way on hd-dvd in the uk? isnt it possible its the same for blu ray. I have seen these errors happen before like how the rainbow 6 a 360 exclusive got accepted and how disney was coming to hd-dvd with badder santa an error on amazon's part but that still got accepted so this is definetly getting accepted.

Krazy Ken Kutaragi3876d ago

This is clearly the work of some deluded sony fanatic.

With no good games to play he simply swapped the HD-DVD cover into a Blu-ray case.

It's a pity really. If Uncharted wasn't crap he could play that instead of feeding his Sony Troll brethren.

n_n3876d ago

dude (krazy Ken) for theing the lemming xbot fanboy that you are... you have serious issues to have the father of the PS as an avatar. Uncharted sucked? you should tell MS to shove it a little less deeper next time, but i'm sure you enjoy every inch of it. lol

solidt123876d ago

I'll order it. It's not fake either, there are several HD-DVD titles available in Europe on Blu-Ray and it is well known.

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Rama262853876d ago (Edited 3876d ago )

Well a couple interesting points:

-Someone could have just accidentally put the HD-DVD cover in a Blu-ray box.
-One cover says Transformers, when the other doesn't.
-Why does it have 2 discs?

EDIT: The pirates were on two discs? What's the point of these high capacity discs if you're still going to separate the content onto two discs? lol I know HD films takes up more space, but I doubt it takes up a whole disc just yet.

kalel1143876d ago

All the Pirates movies are two discs.

sonarus3876d ago

the 2nd disc is for extras. i have all of em on blu ray. :) saw preview of cars while watching seen it before but now i want that on blu ray too

Expy3876d ago

It's called higher bit-rate for video and higher quality of audio tracks (multi-languages) in different surround encodings (SS, DTX, 5.1). Even the BONUS content is encoded higher.If it took 2 DVDs for stuff before it'll take 2 discs as well for Blu-Ray (without compression).

Compression is last-gen.

tatical3876d ago

An uncompressed 1-hour movie (1080p @ 24fps) takes up 328 GB.

HD-DVD & Blu Ray movies are still compressed using:
1. MPEG-2
2. MPEG-4/h.264/VC-1

source for the 328 GB per hour:

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Lucreto3876d ago

It is happening both ways with blu-ray exclusives on HD-DVD.

It all has to do with licencing agreements in different countries. The whole "exclusivity" thing is really a bit of a sham in that a large number of films are not so exclusive in other parts of the world.

1337 gamer3876d ago

this is fake, i am in the uk, i saw the adverts and it states that it is only available on dvd and hd-dvd.

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