Black spotting on PS Vita screens a common problem?

PSX-Sense writes "I have my PS Vita for a few days now and to my surprise i'm having issues with black spots on the screen. This problem occurs when the screen is completely dark, when that happens you will be able too see the black spots."

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ipadsense2273d ago

I have seen it too, its bugging me big time

blumatt2273d ago

I don't plan on leaving my Vita off and looking at its screen in the dark. lol So a non-issue for me.

Knushwood Butt2273d ago

Very true. I noticed it on mine, and thought it was a bit odd, but you only see it when the screen is completely blacked out (kind of hard to give an example, but basically when nothing is being actively displayed on the screen) so it's totally unimportant.

It's not different to complaining about noticing finger prints on the screen when the Vita is turned off...

badz1492271d ago

but like said by several people on here, it's only slightly visible when the screen is completely blank. nothing too serious and trust me, I'm scratching my head at the moment because I don't know how this is considered a "problem"

zslash2273d ago (Edited 2273d ago )

All OLED screens have this blotting. I have it on my Zune HD as well... and numerous phones I've used have exhibited the issue.

It's only noticeable in a pitch black room on a completely black background.

darthv722273d ago

you got are probably from you having a zune hd. The zune is a great unit but it will get the hate mostly because it isnt an ipod.

Go figure.

On topic...I use to see LCD screens that would have this blotchy-ness when they were off. When they were on they were clear as crystal. It didnt seem to effect the clarity when you were viewing.

Beetey2273d ago

I too have a Zune HD but I never noticed any spots.

It's a pretty good little piece of hardware. To bad it never got any support...

zslash2273d ago

It can vary in severity, but I've never seen any OLED device without this blotting.

Not a defect, just a shortcoming of the tech, something to do with how it turns pixels on/off.

No worse than backlight bleeding on LCDs, and you don't get that with an OLED.

Bach2273d ago

Is it just me or is everyones grammar on that site a little odd?

Bach2273d ago

Never mind. Just saw that it is a translation. Carry on.

M4GN3T2273d ago

Yeah it is actually written in Dutch originally, and then translated via Google =p

iNFAMOUZ12273d ago

its the internet who cares

Jobesy2273d ago

I care. Why talk like an ignorant ghetto person just because it's the internet? I understand grammatical errors and language barriers, but some take it a bit far. Some NEVER use punctuation, some think they're lil wayne and others are just lazy. Internet or not, it's still a reflection of the person.

MasterCornholio2273d ago (Edited 2273d ago )

Why do i always see the same images of this issue? I mean if its so wide spread like the press is claiming wouldnt there be a ton of articles on it? I mean when the 360 crapped out in the first year because of RROD issues at least there was a million different videos of it at launch.

Noticeably_FAT2273d ago

What do the Vita's issues have to do with the Xbox 360 in even the slightest?

M4GN3T2273d ago

It's really hard to photograph this thing, i have it myself also but can't get a clear picture of it.

Silly gameAr2273d ago

That's actually a good point MasterCornholio. Maybe the 5th article written about this will actually have a different image. The site "reporting" the issue might be the same though.

MasterCornholio2273d ago

Defective Wii

Defective 3DS

Defective DSlite

Defective DSI

Defective DSI XL




PS3 Fat

Anyways what i mean to say with all this is that all hardware can have issues. So yes Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo (they are not an exception) are capable of producing hardware that's defective.

Thank you and good night.

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