8 Blatant Loading Screen Cover-ups

Back in the early days of disc-based gaming, companies weren't afraid of sticking a "Now Loading" screen in your face every two minutes. Now, companies employ stupid tricks to avoid them. Here's the worst ones.

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ChickeyCantor3724d ago

" This occasional, yet unbearable wait became even worse if you were trying to escape an enemy-filled room rather than just running about in a fit of exploration.

well, you shouldnt play like a noob and kill all the space pirates betch XD

Darkiewonder3724d ago

It's probably better than just having a black screen that has "Now Loading......." on there. unless it was like DBZ where you play around lol.

Krazy Ken Kutaragi3724d ago

Motorstorm is far worse than Mass Effect for loading times.

PS3 and PS2 games have the worst loading times.

brocool3724d ago

Rachet and clank Future has virtually no loading time in the levels, and very short loading between levels.

Eclipticus3724d ago

at least on Mass Effect, you get info. from a newsfeed. usually commenting on something you just did. or if you have the right companions you get to listen to them speak. try the krogan and the turian. kinda funny but very informative.
At least they tried something.
And the doors in Resident evil. do add to the the feel of it. Yeah it sucks when your running from zombies, cause you have no bullets. and it takes a while to load. but a old door with that creaking sound, is more immersive than a black screen.
besides the game has "you... the master of lock picking...can do it..." in the dialogue. so, it justs add to the bmovie/zombie feel. Like in Evil Dead. yeah you seen the wire and the zipper. but you still enjoy the movie...

I have a feeling reviewers and gamers are expecting perfection on each game. regardless of technical limitations. Everyone is spoiled with technology. Sh!t I still remember playing joust and pacman. and people complain about AC and the repetitive ness. but that is a different tangent.

jaja14343724d ago

I love the leading screen for The Darkness. It was fantastic but did get old near the end of the game when you've gone through most of the scenes. But even still I loved it.

Bonsai12143724d ago

best loading screen ever: fifa08. i loved being able to just shoot fool around while the game loaded. sometimes i would keep playing the practice... and forget i was going to play a game

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