Six of the worst levels of all time

The Nightmare, Max Payne (2001)
When hard-boiled misery-guts Max Payne isn't standing about in the rain monologuing to himself, he's having jarring surrealist nightmares in which he tip-toes across a blood trail while his murdered child cries in the background. In writer Sam Lake's script this was no doubt abundant with figurative symbolism, but as a level in a video game it's an exasperating pain in the arsehole, because if you stray from the trail by even a nanopixel, you fall to your death. Brilliant!

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Delt43792d ago

but there could deffinatly be more levels add'd to that list

Krazy Ken Kutaragi3792d ago

For the 6 worst levels of all time you should add all 6 levels for heavenly sword.

If you wanted the 43 worst levels of all time you should add Uncharted and Lair to that list.

m91058263792d ago

It takes a special kind of idiot to be you...

Bubble Buddy3791d ago

for the the stupidest person in the world: 1.1 congrats, your mom's calling you, she's done your laundry

green3792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

havent played any of those games apart from Halo.but i definitely was a horrible stage.

gaffyh3792d ago

^ go play one of the other games on that list now!!!!

Max payne is awesome, but I really hated that nightmare level. I also hate any level you have to do underwater in almost every game, it's so annoying.

TrenchaunT3792d ago

Yeah, I'm glad he mentioned the library level. Seriously, that level still fills me with thoughts of murder. And every darn corridor looks EXACTLY the same, so half the time I was just wandering back and forth trying to figure out where the idiotic floating orb wandered off to.

hellraiser5013792d ago

I totally hate every under water level ever created especially the one where you are Raiden in MGS2 and you have to swim through the underwater bombed out zone with Otacon's little whinny sister.

B Man3791d ago

AND PLAY GOLDENEYE! Still regarded as one of the best console FPSs of all time... yes, up there with Halo... though in my eyes Goldeneye is better than Halo. All FPSs owe a lot of their success to Rare.

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Skerj3792d ago

Ugh that freaking prison in SHIV makes me sad :(

KidMakeshift3792d ago

The whole game is like that. I can't believe you have to go through the whole game again while escorting a annoying woman with a sprained ankle in order to finish it.

Skerj3792d ago

Hahaha I've had it since release and I still haven't beaten it.

wAtdaFck3792d ago

"No fighting in the war room" in Veteran was a pain in the @$$.

solar3792d ago

i rented the game last night...and i cant bring myself to play it again. im at an office right now where no matter where i move i get shot and killed in 3 shots, Vetern. its very annoying.

Spinitus3792d ago

funny thing this level was harder for me on harden than when i did it on veteran.

picker3323792d ago

Everything is sh!t in those pic's,exept one,goldeneye bunker,that one wasn't the most sh!ttiest level in goldeneye.

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