GameSpy's Burnout Paradise Demo Impressions

Criterion's claim to fame lies in the Burnout series. Black aside, the team has always been motivated to bring gamers a fetishistic view of car crashes without delving into creepy Cronenberg territory. Whether it was Burnout 3's accessible gameplay or Revenge's twists on multiplayer, the developer enjoys accentuating the best and worst of humanity's competitive streaks in its games. Burnout Paradise, the first game built for HD systems, aims to rise above its predecessors in that regard. You'll be able to judge for yourself next week as the demo releases in the PlayStation Store and Xbox Live Marketplace; GameSpy have installed it and put in a fair amount of time on it.

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MaximusPrime3877d ago

The demo will keep me company before the actual release.

I'm looking forward to this demo. Seem there will be plenty to do.

Zhuk3877d ago

this is going to be one of the best demos of the year and a great christmas present from Criterion and EA

IGNFTW3877d ago


Fighter3877d ago

A few more days to go. I've been listening to Criterion's podcast and I'm hyped about this game. No loading at all, huge free roaming city at 60fps in 720P. Yummy.

switch-it3877d ago

I'll go listen to it then. I doubt i'll get more hyped though. :) Cant wait for this game!

HeartlesskizZ3877d ago

is been 4 years since I got my self a Racing game...this looks very good but my money will be put into MNC:LA

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The story is too old to be commented.