Kinect is the future of Xbox. Fact

CVG: That's true of this generation, and - perhaps five, ten years from now - it'll be true of all consoles ever made. However, we'll have to wait for it to truly bear fruit, as it will take years and several iterations.

For now, we'll have to be content to catch glimpses of its potential as we pretend to hold steering wheels or thrash around during ill-advised family sessions of Kinect Sports 2.

Kinect's announcement at E3 2009 raised eyebrows, its timing leading many to accuse Microsoft of chasing the lucrative casual dollar so expertly harvested by Nintendo with the Wii.

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m-s-8-22276d ago

The only game I know of that might influence me to buy a kinect is Star Wars, but i know next to nothing about it because I have no interest in Kinect.

jthamind2276d ago

if that's true, then i want it to be like the top half of this picture!

edgeofblade2276d ago


Actually, I've had a few "Good morning, Batman" moments. I might be working out and watching something on Netflix. Some knocks at the door or a phone call comes in. I tell the xbox to pause, and it does. I didn't even have to yell at it.

I was drunk one time and accidentally said "thank you"...

jthamind2276d ago

lmao. things like that are the sole reason i want a Kinect. i don't care about the games for it, i just wanna use voice and motion commands in the dashboard and apps, etc.

GoldenPheasant2276d ago (Edited 2276d ago )

I only read part of that Kinect PR wall o text after the link. I could spend time writing my own wall of text and boring people, but I won't. What I will do is point out something.

How does more accurate, more game focused tech get shot down by the game "media" with a tirade of shitty excuses, while Kinect gets a free pass left right and center? Even to the point of saying that "its okay that its not good right now, look at the potential. We'll really see how great it is after a number of reiterations, just like the ipod".

Just wow.

StifflerK2276d ago

This year MS opened 4 new game studios , so if anything we should hopefully see more exclusives in the future .

StifflerK2276d ago

Microsoft Game Studio Vancouver
MGS Victoria
MGS Family
MGS Soho

(They're real - google them , lol at disagrees)

theonlylolking2276d ago

All of them will be making kinect games. Just look at the names of the studios. They scream kinect. The vancouver one might have some promise.

FlashXIII2276d ago

MGS Family.. no room for subtlety I see.

StifflerK2276d ago

@ theonlylolking

Kinect games only..... I sure hope not, lol.

Well MGS Family will , but if MS want to win the fans back they should really make some more new IP's.

Overall though , more 1st party studios means more exclusives - I just hope they're good.

Parapraxis2276d ago

Agree 100% StifflerK, i'll hope for the best as well (ie 3 studios for core games, one for family games)
It is a step in the right direction, glad MS is opening studios now, makes sense as well, they are probably all working on titles for the next XBOX console.

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