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This particular game rides a fine line between the animated series of old and the much more gritty and dark Dark Knight series. I like the combination they’ve come up with, Batman is not necessarily any more violent or troubled than the animated series but Bruce Wayne is definitely more of a jerk compared to the animated series. Penguin and Joker and all of the villains seems much more psychotic and dangerous but not as realistically insane as the Dark Knight series, they still seem fictional in their intentions. As I said it was a fine line and I think this game walks it well.

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jbl3162338d ago (Edited 2338d ago )

Great game. I've yet to play Skyrim so Batman is my game of the year!

CC-Tron2337d ago

I don't know if I agree with Bruce Wayne being more of a jerk in the game than the animated series. He said one line that was jerky to Vicky Vale who is known to be self centered and bitchy in the comics. Now if he was a jerk to commissioner Gordon I'd agree.

ssb31732337d ago

I love this game, and is an amazing follow up to the first one.

Jourdy2882337d ago

I've really been meaning to play the first game in the series.