Top 12 Games to Look Out For in 2012

As 2011 slowly comes to an end, we reflect on the great year of gaming it has been. A brand new year is set to begin just over the horizon, and with it comes a slew of great games set to be released not to long from now. So gear up and jump on board the hype wagon as we take a look at 12 of 2012’s most anticipated games...

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DonaldBeck2179d ago (Edited 2179d ago )

what?! no Twisted Metal? WTF

below...but i did! muwhahaha

Qwerty912179d ago

I didn't even know there was a new twisted metal. :/

Majin-vegeta2179d ago

Quick someone get this man the new Mr.Grimm trailer.

masterabbott2179d ago

I dont like twisted metal, boring mindless game

MagicAccent2179d ago

Can't wait to try the new Sly game.

Also, I hope the Darkness 2 is as good as they say, because the first one could have been one of the best games that year if it had been a bit more polished.

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The story is too old to be commented.