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Submitted by GamePodunk 1499d ago | opinion piece

His Hair is Brown – Get Over It: In Defense of DmC

GP: "Ninja Theory just can't seem to catch a break. After a series of solid but quiet releases they at long last got a hold of an awesome franchise like Devil May Cry. They went ahead to give it a whole new story and look, adding an interesting string of action scenes, fighting mechanics, and a rather intriguing and visceral combat set up that appears to makes it completely fresh and interesting.

Then they put out a trailer replete with their re-imagining of Dante and the cool gameplay. And what do they get for their efforts? Hatred! Scorn! Ridicule! And why is this? The gameplay? The story? The overall development? Nope, nope, and nope. It was the hair. The hair? Yes, the hair." (Culture, Dev, DmC: Devil May Cry, PS3, Xbox 360)

gnvr  +   1500d ago
Lol its so much more. what a stupid article. the gameplay is slow, the environments dont suit devil may cry style the gameplay has become the main thing about devil may cry games, and yes Dante looks like a bag of shit. if you do your research you will find out that no it is not dante's origin anymore its a parallel universe?? wtf. Also why did they turn his hair all whie in devil trigger? what was the point of changing his hair and look if your oing to do that? they add angels and demons?
WhiteLightning  +   1500d ago
"Lol its so much more"

Thats what I don't get

People who aren't big fans of DMC or havent played them yet defend it keep saying "Your complaining because his hair is a differen't"

IT'S NOT JUST THAT....It's only ONE, just ONE of the many problems with this game, the developers and even the Capcom themselfs
Baka-akaB  +   1499d ago
That's because making it 100% about the look is the only valid argument they got to counter expressed concerns over the gameplay , the graphic engine and it's framerate , the abuse of bright saturated colors to mask flaws , the animations of the game etc .

It's not even worth replying to that kind of moron .

They dont usually even care to begin with , if the game fails they'll shrug it off as some misguided campaign against an excellent underrated "gem" .

And if the game sells well , they'll pretend old fans were irrelevant and ok to ignore anyway . Wich is unlikely

There will be also the third path , where the game sells but hardly as much as hoped , and some will pretend its ok , despite the whole fuss , goal and PR machine behind it .
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solideagle1  +   1499d ago
the obvious problem is gameplay. i saw it and dante was slashing demons in air totally in air. demons should be able to damage him in air or he should not be in air that much long.

It is not TEKKEN it is DMC.

Captain Qwark 9  +   1499d ago
sorry dude but i am a big fan of dmc and i dont care at all what their doing, in fact i like what ive seen.

personally i think the franchise needs some new blood. and as much as i love old school dante and think this new one looks like a fag, the gameplay looks fantastic. it has just enough of the old and new to feel fresh again and the level design in the trailers i have seen look great.

you so called "big fans" need to stop getting so upset, sometimes things get changed, sometimes its for the better and sometimes its not. stop judging from videos that the "the gameplay is slow, the environments dont suit devil may cry style the gameplay" becuase you really dont f*cking know, and claiming things such as that just shows how ignorant and close minded fanboys can be. when the game is out and you have played it, and you still feel the same, fine, until then, take a chil pill, relax and hope for the best.
Baka-akaB  +   1499d ago
Nothing entirely with changes and trying new things . Key word would be new things , not getting rid of a rather rare breed of hack and slash games (between the original dmc and now there is what ? Bayonetta ) , to replace it with an already existing flavor that doesnt truly bring new mechanics and focus .

I did wanted a new take on DMC that would try exploring other gameplay aspects . Like , farfetched example asides ... getting an open world or using the already existing and perfect cast for coop and competitive mods .

I never said anything about every DMC fans agreeing with me/us . Of course some will and already like the changes here . I dont .

The only anger issue i have here , is people constantly assuming it's "about teh hairz and emo dante" instead of having an actual argument like YOU do . Trust me guys like you are the minority seens so far , especially in the medias and sensationalist blogs .

PS :

And sorry if i'll sound so flippant to you . But i havent seen settling down for a drastic reboot working out well for many franchise (the only one i could think of would be Castlevania LOS , wich quickly reassured me many months before playable , and chaperonned by a mega guest star)

Accepting it usually led to the new take obliterating and replacing the older one .
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fei-hung  +   1499d ago
Problem is, Crapcom don't know what they are doing, NT don't know what they are doing and the new Dante sure as hell don't know who he is and what he is doing. How can anyone have faith in a game where the publisher is clueless, the developer is clueless and the lead character is clueless?!


1) NT are not known for having great technical combat mechanics in their game.
2) DMC trademark is its quality technical combat mechanics!
3) DMC is all about Dante the character. He is what sells the game, he is the face of Devil May Cry. A DMC without the original Dante is like a Mario game without Mario or Mario who is a buffed up steroid Junky mercenary. It just don't work!
4) DMC has its own theme - gothic horror and metal. The new DMC has its own theme which is nothing like the original.
5) DMC has its own history and the new DMC has completely re-written it discarding everything what made the original great.

Now by no means am I saying NT or Crapcom should not make a DMC game, I am all for it. However, if you take everything which made a game great and you discard it, it is no longer the same product, it is something new entirely and in which case, why not call it Angels and Demons Will Cry?

As an example for those who do not understand let me put it in simpler context:

If I mixed water with orange juice, add sugar and chillies with a splash of caramel and call it Coca Cola, you would call me a liar.

If Coca Cola mixed water with orange juice and sugar and chillies and a splash of caramel and called it Coca Cola, you may sue them for false advertisement.

So why in the world can Crapcom and NT take away the ingredients which made DMC what it is and change them completely and call it the same?!
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Lannient  +   1499d ago
People are ignoring the principle of the situation, this change being made is a SELFISH and unessasary one. Fans prefer old dante/nero style period. You know, the people that have been buying the franchise for years? Looks and style are a big part of the franchise wether people jumping to ninja theroys defense want to acknowlage this or not. Gameplay is important, but character design is ALSO important. People have grown to love dantes/neros style and swagger.If you are going to change the character, change the title with it, or just make it a new IP all together.

EXAMPLE: Super mario franchise, ok so they completely change the look mario hair body eyes everything voice, but still call it mario, mario fans end up disliking this and you people are telling me this is ok? Changes in clothing fine, but the overall looks, there face, hair color eye color needs to be the same. These things are important.

EXAMPLE: They completely change solid snake. This is ok?

EXAMPLE: They change super man, they change spider man, ANYTHING, think about it, but this is ok? They change Kratos, they change master chief, they change donkey kong, ANYTHING. But this is just ok? If fans like the change I can understand but they don't. This is evident, a minority settles for the changes made.

These characters have established a name, there isn't really much more I can say to you people defending this. Its bullshit period.
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DeadIIIRed  +   1499d ago
To be honest this sounds like what the James Bond series goes through every time a new actor is announced. Roger Moore's Bond was too goofy, smoked cigars, and drank bourbon. Timothy Dalton's Bond wasn't charming enough. Pierce Brosnan was too Irish.

New directions are a great way to pump life in a stagnant product or to kill it off.
thaking155  +   1499d ago
I agree @ GNVR

Change is good. But Rebooting the game where he is half demon and angel and changing the backstory altogether... What kind of change are you talking about because instead of Capcom/NT moving forward with the story they are going back and jacking up the origin.

You can't sit there and tell me that you are okay with them going back even further and making up that his mom is NOW half Angel and that him and Virgil (if he is even in the game still) have both mixes (Angel and Demon)in them. That takes away from the story and that's what takes away from the other titles that made the series special. Not because of the Color of his hair.

And don't get me started about the terrible looking game play and how they are copying and pasting elements from different games and the slow choppy game play. Go to Youtube and look at Devil May Cry 3 gameplay and you get back to me about why people are mad.
Majin-vegeta  +   1500d ago
Sorry that retarded emo edward does not deserve the name DANTE.

We want him.

Not this retarded edward clone.

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LettingGo  +   1499d ago
Retarded emo Dante, huh? How old are you? That's the most ignorant phrasing I've read in a long time.
cyguration  +   1499d ago
Bubbles....oh, if only I could give you even more bubbles....

Edward the retarded rapist: don't sleep on your tummy little Timmy, you might wake up with a sore butt.
Pozzle  +   1499d ago
It's not just the character design that it pissing fans off, and it's annoying that there are so many people who think Dante's hair color is the ONLY problem fans have with the reboot.

With that being said, character design IS an important factor when it comes to character recognition and aesthetic. So pretending that changing a character is no big deal is also silly. Could you imagine if a new developer took Mario and turned him into a blonde with a checkered work shirt? Or took Lara Croft and made her into a redhead with a yellow sundress (yes, she has been rebooted but the new designers at least respected her original design and didn't make her COMPLETELY different).

It might seem petty but one of the things that bugs me is that the new Dante smokes, even though the original designer said he deliberately made Dante a non-smoker because he didn't want to promote the idea that smoking=cool and he didn't think Dante would be the type of guy who smokes anyway. He also deliberately made Dante loud, colorful and brash because he was tired of so many Japanese heroes being dark, quiet and broody.

So the new designer has basically spit in the original designer's face by turning Dante into a smoker, a brooder and a guy who wears dark clothing. Y'know...everything the original designer DIDN'T want Dante to be. FFS if you're going to ignore the original designer's wishes, why not just make a brand new character then?!

Hell, the guy behind the project (Taemin) has flat-out said he thought the original series was ridiculous and wanted to create a Dante who would be "taken seriously" if he was a real life person. So it's easy to see why fans would be pissed off by this. Why should fans respect a developer who has done nothing but insult the original developers and blame gamers for their previous games not meeting sales expectations.
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Baka-akaB  +   1499d ago
"if you're going to ignore the original designer's wishes, why not just make a brand new character then"

Easy , they can't seem to sell enough of a game without now borrowing an existing ip's aura and fame . That's kinda the only thing they hadnt tried yet (and frickin' adding a decent gameplay , wich should be the priority ) .
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LettingGo  +   1499d ago
They went with the original design, but Capcom told them to change it. Great points, other than that.
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Baka-akaB  +   1499d ago
That's a fallacious excuse . They were told to change it . But some capcom exec wasnt holding the pen during the design .

They were most likely just given a vague new direction directive by Capcom and came up with that on their own . Of course Capcom did accept it in turns
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Tainted Gene  +   1499d ago
@ pozzle,

"mario with blonde hair..."

Never mind the checkered shirt, the hair alone would set the whole gaming community and internet on fire.

Could you imagine, Miyamoto states in a press release that "Mario from now on will have BLONDE HAIR". Talk about killing an IP in one-fell-stroke.
StifflerK  +   1499d ago
Yes, the game looks different, very much so.
But that doesn't mean it'll be bad.
Look at Resident Evil 4 for example.

I understand where all the hate comes from, but I think the new dev's deserve a chance to prove themselves.
Shouldn't we reserve judgement until we've actually played the game???

That and I'm pretty sure it was Capcom who wanted major changes to be made with their new design mandate...


I'm guessing this dramatic change is due to Bayonetta - which was made by the original designer of DMC.

Bayonetta - has the same design template as the old DMC games , + improvements.

More so then that - it's a parody.

Compared with DMC 4
- Bayonetta is the female equiv of Nero ( part OTT showboater / part sensitive),
Jeanette is Dante ,
The bad guy + final boss are very similar ,
Who gets absorbed into it and why???
Who saves that person????
DMC 4 had angelic demons , Bayonetta has demonic angels.

As much as I liked the old style of DMC game , I feel like it had to change, in order to compete.
If it stayed the same it would've stayed in Bayonetta's shadow.

What I've seen of DMC 5 so far looks decent , and I for one hope it turns out to be a great game.
DukeN13   1499d ago | Spam
Pozzle  +   1499d ago
"I think it's odd the way people can criticize the game play without having played the game.....

It's as if some people have already made their mind up about the game and are determined to hate it no matter what."

What's wrong with that though I mean, the average person isn't going to play a game they don't like the look of. Just like they aren't going to watch a movie or read a book they don't like the look of.
DukeN13   1499d ago | Spam
Baka-akaB  +   1499d ago
It's sheer hypocrisy to pretend we cant when it suits us judge gameplay elements from trailers . We only can when it's positive suddenly ?

We all do to some extend .
There are clear elements that you can already judge as you wish . Some from their previous work , some already at odds with the previous games . How the engine run , the apparent pacing of the game , the look and feels of the combos and attacks .

Did i suddenly imagine that weird awkward platforming sequence they are already used to , and wanna pretend it wont be there ?

Plenty elements are already from their existing games , wich are fine , just not necessarily what we all need to see plastered into another franchise

Things may or may not change at release , but it is something you still currently can have an opinion upon , and most likely representative enough of the product .

Let's not play the "you havent played it yet , wait" angle , especially not only when it's convenient .

Instead of actually arguing about it normally as some do here , some individuals wanna sidetrack and go back to Hair or use the magical "welcome changes" , as if this was the only change possible , and either that or wanting to be stuck with dmc 1-3 re-remix.
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cyguration  +   1499d ago
Bad example of RE4...that's called evolution. Leon actually looked like a higher-poly count of his RE2 self. Also, the gameplay and atmosphere in RE4 was basically the same as previous games, so that was a bad example. Not to mention, just about everyone loved RE4...not so much with RE5 and that's because it was identical to RE4, predictible and lacked anything new.

This new DMC is not evolution. It just looks like an easier version of the other DMC games. I've never been a fan of DMC because it was just ridiculous but how on Earth am I supposed to take a emo, borderline homosexual tough guy serious? It just doesn't make sense character wise.

As a non-fan of the series this newest iteration would not make me want to pay $60 to play the game. The environment and art design looks phenomenal but Dante is the kind of emo kid I would probably punch in the face in real life (I really do hate brooding, arrogant, destructive, self-centered emo kids, I really do)
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koehler83  +   1499d ago
His hair is indeed brown.

I notice that in the most recent media, his eyes are no longer shaded black. Maybe it's just the mugshot that shows evidence of a recent facial smackdown.
LettingGo  +   1499d ago
I'm a huge DMC fan. I think they're doing a fine job with this. The series is already becoming a bit strange, as far as story is concerned. I don't mind the new look. What do you guys care if he has a new hair color and different clothes? Are you all gay for Dante now? It makes no sense.
FinaLXiii  +   1499d ago
If people dont want this they wont get it simple as that.

This´s business after all.
m-s-8-2  +   1499d ago
NT and Capcom should be scorned for much more than just looks. If they're going to undo everything about the series but keep the name it can be for no other reason than to capitalize on brand recognition, which doesn't bother me at all to be honest. It's smart business, but criticism and comparisons to the original series in all areas are justified.
Tai  +   1499d ago
It isn't just his damn hair,you fool! Go play DMC1 or 3 then try again to find something right about the new DmC.New DmC is slow,boring looking and has a main guy that you have to hide your six year old sister away from.I wouldn't be surprised if he stopped half way through a mission so he could have a cry and cut himself with a razor blade.Then use his blood to write a poem about how unfair life is.So it's not just his hair,everything about this new Dante sucks.
xtreampro  +   1499d ago
It's not just the new character but the story as well. No one will ever find out about what actually happened to Vergil or who Nero is and no one asked for a flippin reboot in the first place. I seriously hope NT gets shut down and I hope Capcom makes a big loss on this new game to teach both of them a lesson.
TheKindRoost  +   1499d ago
This is what wrong with gaming this gen, people defending what is clearly BS and always settling for less.
Lannient  +   1499d ago
People are ignoring the principle of the situation, this change being made is a SELFISH and unessasary one. Fans prefer old dante/nero style period. You know, the people that have been buying the franchise for years? Looks and style are a big part of the franchise wether people jumping to ninja theroys defense want to acknowlage this or not. Gameplay is important, but character design is ALSO important. People have grown to love dantes/neros style and swagger. If you are going to change the character, change the title with it, or just make it a new IP all together.

EXAMPLE: Super mario franchise, ok so they completely change the look mario hair body eyes everything voice, but still call it mario, mario fans end up disliking this and you people are telling me this is ok?

EXAMPLE: They completely change solid snake. This is ok?

EXAMPLE: They change super man, they change spider man, ANYTHING, think about it, but this is ok? They change Kratos, they change master chief, they change donkey kong, ANYTHING. But this is just ok?

These characters have established a name, there isn't really much more I can say to you people defending this. Its bullshit period.
jthamind  +   1499d ago
to be fair, Dante has always looked like a huge faggot too, but this new guy takes the cake in faggotry.

Ryu Hayabusa is where it's at. well, up until Ninja Gaiden 3.

stupid devs are screwing up our franchises! >:(
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D3mons0ul  +   1499d ago
No he didn't, there was nothing silly or remotely feminine about the old Dante. What characters don't look like "faggots" to you? Military centric white guys with shaved heads?

And you go on to say Ryu Hayabusa's where it's at. Have you seen him without his mask? He looks just as effeminate as your warped view of Dante, who isn't really effeminate at all. Neither of these characters are, neither of them look like "Faggots" to me. But if you're gonna complain about Dante's original look you should probably feel the same way about Ryu.


I'm sick of people like you. HURR IT'S FAGGOTRY.

I mean, it's already apparent that you can't leave the Chan dweller mentality behind when you visit other parts of the internet. Why don't you just keep your ass in whatever Chan you frequent then? We really don't need people like you around here.
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jthamind  +   1499d ago
womp womp. sorry, let me respond to that fail.

no, "military centric white guys" aren't cool either. but normal looking people are. Dante is an emo, wannabe cool looking faggot with a retarded hairstyle and stupid outfit.

and i don't play Dead or Alive, so who gives a fuck? i'm talking about Ninja Gaiden, and he doesn't remove his mask in them. well, he did in the NES one, but he looked normal there.

last paragraph is just retarded and false. lol. run along, kid.

*edit* also, DMC's combat system is lame. :P
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D3mons0ul  +   1499d ago
What are "normal looking people?"

What is normal?

It's still the same character, that's how he looks under his mask. That's how Ryu Hayabusa has ALWAYS looked and if you pay attention to NG3, even poorly, you'd know that he will remove his mask in the game.

"Dante is an emo, wannabe cool looking faggot with a retarded hairstyle and stupid outfit."'re such a moron

Edit as I have run out of bubbles:

You failed to answer my questions. What are normal looking people to you? Why should game protagonists look "normal?" Why are you bashing how the old Dante looked anyway? You don't seem to support anything yet here you are running your mouth. Troll? Completely out of touch with people?

Why would you intentionally make yourself look so ignorant?
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jthamind  +   1499d ago
actually, kid, i know he'll remove his mask in NG3. and i'm not actually thinking that game will be any good either. at least not like the previous ones.

you done yet?
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FunAndGun  +   1499d ago
You sound quite douchey jthamind.
Laxman  +   1499d ago
To those fond of falling back to the 'settling for less' comments. You are the ones settling for less. Just becuase something is changing or taking a new direction, you attack it? Becuase its not the same old crap we've had year after year?

Is this your awesome non-emo Dante?

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Hicken  +   1499d ago
I don't really get people like you.

You don't change a franchise character, ESPECIALLY not against the fans' will.

Will it be a good game? Quite possibly. It looks absolutely NOTHING like DMC, but the gameplay does look solid, at least from what I've seen. The story may also wind up being interesting, especially for me, as the whole angel/demon mythos stuff is right in my wheelhouse.

But it's not DMC. Four games now have pinned down the DMC style(though not everyone loved all the games), and more specifically, those four games have made Dante a gaming icon.

It's not even like MGR:R, where at least it's (some of) the same characters in the same world. That's how Rising gets to still be a Metal Gear.

But the only thing this game has in common with its predecessors is the name Dante, and that's not enough.

I can't say I'm the biggest DMC fan, as I've only ever played DMC1. But I can perfectly understand why people find what NT and Capcom have done is unappealing. Hell, I think people might not complain as much if they kept this current Dante and made him female.

And no one's had the same old crap year after year in DMC, by the way. Even I know they added new characters to play as (Lady, Virgil, Nero, and even Trish, I think) with their own play styles. And it's not as if you get a DMC game every year or even every other year.
urwifeminder  +   1499d ago
Some hairdressing DLC for the purists lol.
D3mons0ul  +   1499d ago
I love how you can say it's more than just the hairstyle until you're blue in the face and the "supporters" will just keep backtracking to the hair.


We tell you the gameplay is slow; you go back to the hair or insult the old Dante.

We tell you the environment looks bad; you go back to the hair or insult how the old Dante looked.

The story now involves Dante's mom being an Angel...we complain about go back to the hair or insult how Dante used to look.

We mention ANYTHING at all other than the hair go back to the hair. Stop backtracking and actually form a good argument for why you're defending this. You seem a little confused.

It seems the ones more focused on LOOKS are the supporters of this abomination.
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Jason2  +   1499d ago
Uhh comon man lol theres nothing wrong with the gameplay of the new dante, I think the gameplay looks awesome its the looks overall and the fact that they changed the orginal for no reason at all regardless of what ogrinal fans thought, knowing he didn't need a reboot period. And the fact that the new dante just happens to look like the new creator, which is some lame shit lol. But I do agree with that last statement of yours lol but I'm focused on the looks too man, the fact that they just changed the orginal style for no reason, is lame, and the fact that people just okie doke the changes because they're like the gameplay is what matters when they're in reality ignoring the fact I wish I could find the right words...I will eventually,
#14.1 (Edited 1499d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
Jason2  +   1499d ago
Old pretty boy dante ftw son!!! I mean hey the new guy doesn't look all that bad to me. I Still like white haired pretty boy dante. His style is right up my alley :D. Oh and also I don't think by any means that he should have been changed. Nothing was wrong with him lol. In my opinion I would have been happy with like a nother dude that kinda looked like dante/nero. I just like there style. This new guy...idk hes..idk hes kinda cool I guess but like.....he looks american. I'm american so like I'm not hating on americans but...i like the japanese esque style< I don't know what that word means nor did I spell it right but for anyone reading they might be able to put together what I was trying to say lol. Yeah but oooo just lost my train of thought....

Edit: OK I remember whta I wa was gonnna say now. Ok Like I find this dante unacceptable for ONE HUGE REASON. What is this reason you ask...I find it ummm idk whats a word err, arrogant I guess, arrogant as hell of the new creator to Model dante after himself! Thats just, that pisses me the fuck off!! lol old dante... ftw yeah but other than that my head feels weird so I'm gonna stop typing but yeah man, no offense to anyone who is ok with this new dante but, In my opinion, he can suck my big toe. Sorry

EDIT AGAIN:thought just poped into my head! o.o maybe if this game is comming out for pc Idk maybe someone will make a orginal dante mod for him o.o. That would be awesome
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Jason2  +   1499d ago
Hmmm ok after reading one comment I have a question did dante ever look like a faggot? Because he had long hair? How does that make any sense? Personality is what matters most, any by no means personallity wise is dante a faggot. I'm pretty sure GIRLS are fond of his style. If dante was a real person comon, you know that dude would get girls wtf. lol one more thing like Dante doesn't wear make up or anything, he just has long hair. Thats it! I mean I guess his brother doesn't look like a faggot because his hair isn't over his face...but there twins.. BULLSHIT!

I think ugly people like to hate on pretty boys :l lol. I've noticed a lot of guys cant stand pretty boys. And dante just happens to be a pretty boy with swagger :P. Girls like his style. Alot of guys dont. I take girls opinions of him over what guys think anyday.

Kinda like how alot of guys hate on other guys that wear skinny jeans when in reality Look at the "new boys" They get more women than all of there haters combined.
#16 (Edited 1499d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
ZombieAssassin  +   1499d ago
Wow author isn't that bright, yea at first the change of the character was the main problem but since then so much more can be added to that list.

-Changed the back story
-Game will run at half the frame-rate of previous games
-Not listening to the fans at all
-Personality change (one of he most important)

I'm also pretty sure they're not going to use Reuben Langdon as the voice because of their crappy face-capturing tech.
GenoZStriker  +   1499d ago
If only it was just about the hair.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   1499d ago
Fine with me I like the series, I'm gonna continue to say this, if you don't like it don't buy it complaining is not helping anything. How much can people complain over something they can't control if that's the case quit commenting and don't pick it up once it gets released.
j-blaze  +   1499d ago
lol, i like when someone waste his time writing articles to convince ppl over something he "the author" doesn't know your breath Dominic this game is not for veteran DMC fans it's for newbs like you...have fun with it.

I'm getting tired of this but I'll say it-- this game is going to FLOP!
TXIDarkAvenger  +   1499d ago
Cancel this game please.
Kyosuke_Sanada  +   1499d ago
I'm just waiting for the retail game to be released so both companies will learn their lesson when this title bombs. I wouldn't be surprised if the final version still had "Work in Progress" in the main menu.....
Sugreev2001  +   1499d ago
Dante doesn't look like Dante anymore.If I was a big DMC fan,which I'm not,than I think I have a right to be pissed.

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