Games Radar: Portal is the most subversive game ever

Since its release two months ago, Portal has met with overwhelming popular and critical success thanks to its quirky physics and dystopian humor. Yet beneath the mainstream success lies the most subversive first-person shooter (FPS) ever created. Portal is essentially a feminist critique of the FPS genre, flawlessly executed from within the margins it assails. Gender politics just got a whole lot more fun.

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gamesR4fun3873d ago (Edited 3872d ago )

naw the portal gun is way less fun than a vagina.

lol Ng4 really is for hardcore gamers 4 disagrees so far so you guys would rather play portal than with a real life girl eh.

Just for the record I was being funny cause the articles all like its the opposite of a fps cause the gun makes portals that are womblike... Which is pure bs imo its just a fps with a twist. Nothing that says its trying to be feminin just some guy who obviously needs to get some spouting bs...

BrotherNick3872d ago

I don't know about that :\

LinuxGuru3872d ago

No portal gun would take the place of my girlfriend...

@ original poster:

Sometimes I think GamesRadar thinks too much for its own good. Feminist critique? Flawlessly executed at what it tries to do?

What, are you saying that men aren't competent at accomplishing things well that they set their minds on?'re saying women are only capable of flawless execution, while men only flawed execution?


THAT'S not sexist....

*rolls eyes*

pwnsause3872d ago


felidae3872d ago

Portal is a great game.

but the most submersive game ever is Uncharted.

tplarkin73872d ago

I don't think that's the right word or spelling.

Bolts3872d ago

I doubt anyone above me managed to read and understand the entire article. I did and I found it rather ironic that Games Radar, a site mostly dedicated to articles about gaming boobies would post something with such obvious (and pointless) feministist leanings considering demographic of their readers.

gamesR4fun3872d ago (Edited 3872d ago )

"I doubt anyone above me managed to read and understand the entire article"

Heh and the best you can come up with is that its ironic cause it appears (at least to you) to be a serious article on an otherwise frivolous site dedicated to boob obsessed male adolescents like yourself? Lol this is what we call real irony.

edit yep Im in a bad mood still man you come off has some twerp with something to prove take yourself off the pedestal relax and ftw k

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