Codemasters sets legal dogs on file-sharers

Codemasters has fired off legal threats and cash demands to net users who it accuses of illegally distributing its videogames over P2P networks. People have been hit with multiple demands for hundreds of pounds in settlement, or face a lengthy legal battle.

A worried recipient of several of Codemasters' letters denied any wrongdoing in an email to The Register. He wrote: "I have received a letter... saying i have downloaded a file called Colin McRae Dirt for the Xbox 360 and they want me to pay £511 to them.

"Having checked my computer to my knowledge I have not downloaded any such file and do not have it on my computer. They sent me 5 letters all about the same game but with different IP addresses and different times. I'm not sure what to do they want a response in 14 days and they want me to sign saying I did it and won't do it again."

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