Ziff Sets Us Straight On Stolen Street Fighter IV Pics

Earlier today, Kotaku posted about the plight of "tiny Brazilian blog" Blogeek, who, as you may remember, posted a pair of screen shots of Street Fighter IV yesterday. Amazingly, the site scooped 1UP to its own exclusive, claiming it had received the screens and details on the Capcom fighter from an "anonymous source." The site's owner, Douglas Pereira, wrote Kotaku this morning, crying out for help. "Ziff Davis is going after me. They're chasing me," he lamented. It was very heart-wrenching.

Sounds like EGM and 1UP were quite justified in their legal "picking on" of Pereira and Blogeek. He's an EGM Brazil freelancer and has now admitted to swiping the pics from Ziff-Davis' own media servers. EGM editor-in-chief Dan Hsu, who says ZD has the IP logs of the transgression to back it up, explains.

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Zhuk3906d ago

Kotaku has less journalistic integrity than a Soviet newspaper

bootsielon3906d ago

Since they're not even arguments, they're all based on thin air.

picker3323906d ago

if this game was on exempel wii,then we all would say,it has sh!tty graphic(Becouse we all know that wii is sh!t!)
But now everybody is like its the next-gen fighting game.
personally i think it look's like you can play this on your n64 even,
But that's me.

HeartlesskizZ3906d ago (Edited 3906d ago )

o wow now they want to fight over a pair of pics.. I wonder how will they fight over some gameplay footage!!!

Azurite3906d ago

They fight about illegal actions done to them.

HeartlesskizZ3906d ago

I understand that but still think is not worth the fight

v1c1ous3906d ago

those pics were supposed to be displayed first on their magazine.

it would have helped promote sales of the magazine.

now that the hype has died down, this is revenue lost.

they have a legal case.

the guy stole a password and stole copyrighted material without permission. you wouldn't be saying this ain't worth it if it was you who paid for such content.

HeartlesskizZ3906d ago (Edited 3906d ago )

I see where you coming from but when you buy content of a game so hype you must keep it very safe if you really care about selling you mag plus now days the word "EXCLUSIVE" have lost its meaning if you know what I mean.. but yea if they want to take this to court o well..after all they are the ones loosing their time

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picker3323906d ago

PS:Didn't care to read all so...

HeartlesskizZ3906d ago

if you referring to me I mean is funny how gaming websites will fight over any hype game's media release... like it make a difference who got the pics or who will release the long as we can see them that is all it counts =D

gamesR4fun3906d ago

Still think its all bs on the 1up side
they just be making stuff up so they dont look like the d1ckwads that they are...

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The story is too old to be commented.