Did Microsoft just S*** on Oddworld fans?

A possible Xbox 360 version of Stranger's Wrath HD was on the cards but it seems Microsoft didn't want to play ball with Just Add Water.

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Gearshead752311d ago

That is total garbage!!! Well if PS3 makes this happen guess I still be able to give it some love.

typikal822311d ago

I thought it was going to be a mp release.

Im going to support JAW and get it with my xmas psn card money. I only got a few hours into the original.

SSKILLZ2311d ago

M$ sh!ting on its Fanboys how is that news , they love it when M$ dose this to them.

Laxman2310d ago

No Nexus-Knight (you seem like a $ony fanboy yourself to be honest), Fanboys do not love it when this happens. As an Xbox owner who unfortunately doesnt own a PS3 anymore, I can say this is very upsetting to hear and I an im no way pleased I will not get to play this game.

There is no need to result to console-bashing, as its we gamers who should be united in this matter. Its the industry as a whole which is damaged by this injustice, as this is the kind of game that should be experinced by anyone and everyone, as if it sold well it would show publishers there is still a market for originality and innovation (something getting increasingly rare nowadays).

orange-skittle2310d ago (Edited 2310d ago )

JUST SHUT UP ALL YOU WHINERS! No one was in the meeting when this deal was being made, so unless you have the scoop...shut up. Secondly, Nexus Knight is ignorant. XBL has 7x more arcade games than PS3 w/ free trials and you complain about them not agreeing w/ JAW on the release of an Original Xbox game? Do you people just argue and cry for the hell of it or do you think before you make stupid comments? Grow up! Not only does MS give you more games to download, they also have a much bigger XBOX 360 library to download compared to PSN. Choose your battles

Jdub895O2310d ago

someone disagrees that isnt on psn right now. Well im to reassure you it is on psn as of right now.

Cant wait for the disagrees.

chainer30002310d ago


I agreed with the first sentence of your post, but then you should have just taken your own advice. Not everyone thinks quantity > quality. I own both, and I don't make any stupid insinuations with dollar signs as an "S". These are major corporations, money is the bottom line, the driving force - for all of them.

SilentNegotiator2310d ago

Well, then it will never be on Xbox now -_-

I guess JAW got tired of jumping through hoops to get on LIVE.

Disccordia2310d ago

This news is like a year old. The game is too big to fit on Xbox live which iirc has a 2gb limit. Recently games have got around it by using games on demand but it's a silly workaround for sure

gaffyh2310d ago

@jdub - Unwritten rule on N4G #1: If you complain about getting disagrees, you get more disagrees.

Jinxstar2310d ago

Orange skittle.

The "scoop" was on the PSNation podcast where the head of marketing and PR (I believe thats his title anyway)Stewart Gilray of JAW explained the whole thing.

Start about 15 min in and it should cover everything

Basically though MS has a lot of bureaucracy they were unwilling to bend to help make this game possible on 360.

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beastgamer2311d ago

I think that's a stupid excuse. I think M$ just didn't like the fact that the game was going on the ps3.

Laxman2310d ago

Microsoft wouldnt care if $ony were also getting the game. In fact, they would have wanted it to NOT be an exclusive. There would be a reason behind this.

Brosy2311d ago (Edited 2311d ago )

Where are all the people like White Lighting who say there are never slam articles against Microsoft... You can buy the original on XBL. It's not like this is a big deal to 360 fans. Maybe to nerds who are very picky in their game collection. It's not like it's a full retail release either. So the only way anyone is going to care is if you are bragging about your digital download collection. It's not like you can hand them box and say "take a look".

GribbleGrunger2311d ago (Edited 2311d ago )

yeah, because everyone knows that one negative article about MS is equal to weeks and weeks of negative (made up) articles about Sony.

see those two bubbles? i got one removed for being negative about the Vita. so don't automatically think this is a fanboy reply. consider the facts

BitbyDeath2311d ago

@Brosy, the difference is that this is actually news as opposed to 99% of the anti-Sony articles which are mostly opinions of journalists who repeatedly attack Sony on a regular basis for easy hits.

delosisland2310d ago

Why did Brosy get 13 disagrees??? It's true the original has been available on xbl for a long time...sigh

Human Analog2310d ago

Brosy is right that we can get it in the original format. But with the HD remake, and 16:9 format, and for $14.99 I don't see how the original can compare.

I played the original, and it is up there on my top 10 list. I will be getting it on PSN next week. I feel for the people who only have one option in this matter.

Hopefully Microsoft will figure it out, and let the fans (who are the ones missing out) enjoy a top notch game.

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showtimefolks2311d ago (Edited 2311d ago )

look for all the right MS has done some of their policies are just plain dumb business choices. Valve has said that they like and appreciate how sony is with developer about psn.

in the long run i think these policies are only gonna hurt the xbox brand and xblive in general.

with nintendo launching their online service, they have 2 example in front of them psn/xblive so they can learn from both and make the best choices for them self and their fans

and next gen developers will have 3 options pcn/xblive and nintendo's service so if MS keep these bulyl rules up some of the developer may just say WTF and leave xblive brand all together

now i know you may say i am just being a fanboy which i am not i have both xbox360 and ps3. thing is this gen MS were the first ones out next time around that's not gonna happen so unless you arre on equal playing field i think it could hurt them in long term

MS think we want apps for facebook,twitter and more social media crap than actual games, someone needs to teel them as much as they want xbox360 to be a living room media box end of the day its still a gaming machine and most of their fanbase are still gamers

gamingdroid2311d ago

Well if it hurts consumers and by extension MS, they will have to change their tune or see Xbox Live decline.

There are no worries, as you have alternatives and competition in the market.

snipes1012310d ago (Edited 2310d ago )

It's ironic that this was an exclusive on the original xbox and now it would seem that Microsoft is turning their back on them or just not bending at all. This is crap...I wanted this for my Xbox. Microsoft really needs to open things up a bit in 2013 if the rumors of a new console ring true.

This is almost as bad as when Nintendo wouldnt allow the remastered goldeneye be published because of some small licensing issue.

Oh well...PS3 it is.

hellvaguy2310d ago

It's not really that ironic when u look at the game selling very poorly. Why you u make an exclusive deal with a game that lost a lot of money because of low sales? (with that said, it did recieve some solid reviews)

moparful992310d ago

Why is it that a company who charges for its online features would have a 2 gig file size limit but the company who doesn't charge has no limit?? That's odd...

andrewsqual2310d ago

This did not launch the same day on Xbox Live as it did on PSN. Microsoft stated earlier this year that if games are NOT released at the same time as they are on PSN, they don't want it EVER. JAW aren't weak morons that give into shit politics like this. And that is why it isn't coming to it unless Microsoft goes back on its word ("360 doesn't need HDMI", "We support HDDVD unless it dies, then we support digital downloads", Xbox 360 will always be a gaming console first") Yeah don't worry it will come to Xbox Live.

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PirateThom2311d ago (Edited 2311d ago )

Microsoft would rather have apps for Twitter and Youtube rather than games. No reason for that limit at all.

JellyJelly2311d ago

Although there are more XBLA exclusives than there are PSN exclusives. Look it up...or just blindly disagree with me if that feels easier :)

Persistantthug2311d ago

Basically, Microsoft is better able to push smaller, indie dev teams around.
Microsoft forces their publishing on indie developers, which means most of those games have little to no hope of appearing on other platforms other than PC.

I won't push the disagree button on you, but I just wanted you understand the full story.

gamingdroid2310d ago (Edited 2310d ago )


How is MS forcing "their publising" on indie developers?

As far as I know, indie developers are free to publish on whatever platform they want as evident, that has happened multiple times.

The thing with indie developers is that they don't have a "publisher" which means getting on any other platform other than PC is next to impossible. Nobody else, but MS has a platform that indie devs can publish without a publisher.

I don't see how that is MS fault for being indie friendly?....

Persistantthug2310d ago (Edited 2310d ago )

That also means they get to keep more of the profits....obviously.

Tuxedo_Mask2310d ago (Edited 2310d ago )

Having more XBLA "exclusives" isn't necessarily a good thing, especially when those XBLA games aren't exactly top notch. Have you seen some of the XBLA Indie games? Sony has quality guidelines, but they're still pretty open about letting indie devs put games on the PSN.

gamingdroid2310d ago (Edited 2310d ago )


That's not forcing "their" (i.e. one of MS') publisher on indie developers. That is a requirement to have 'A' publisher and ONLY applies to Xbox Live Arcade. If you get a publisher, you can publish on any platform you want in addition to Xbox Live as many already have done.

That is just a way to weed out the crap.

If you want to "self" publish on Xbox Live, you can!!! It's called Xbox Live Indie Games and anyone with a $100 can self-publish.

That said, I have not heard you can "self" publish with PSN. You have to be selected by Sony to be able to publish on PSN. So unless you are selected, you ain't selling any games on PSN. Those selected are likely to have gotten a publishing agreement anyhow, because they are the cream of the crop.

So if anything, in the end you have far less chance of getting on PSN than you would on Xbox Live platform that only excludes people that doesn't have a $100 or live in a non-supported region.

Do you have any sources to backup your "indicated" claim that ANY indie developer can self-publishing on PSN?

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Crystallis2311d ago

LOL! that is probably one of the most truthful statements anyone has made on this site. Bubbles up sir!

WetN00dle692310d ago (Edited 2310d ago )

I dont know about you but the UFC app is great!!
Ill be watching UFC 141 for free this Friday.

Anyways MS fcked up!
Im glad i have the ps3 for when MS fcks shite up!

lashes2ashes2310d ago

How are you watching it for free. Last time I checked you still have to pay for the pay per view even with the UFC app

WetN00dle692310d ago

It was free for a limited time. It was a first come first serve type of thing. BUT keep a look out they are going to start offering the PPV for free again for a limited number of people. Might be today or a few hours before it starts. So KEEP your eyes peeled!

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Noteworthy2311d ago

Didn't really play the game so directly it doesn't affect myself, but I hear arcade game sales are falling. Could the lack of marketing and games recently have something to do with that?

RaidensRising2311d ago

Stranger's Wrath was one of the best produced games on Xbox. It was exclusive back then but bombed. Maybe this is just rough justice - but then again, why should fans bite the bullet?

bunt-custardly2311d ago

Shame. I never got to play this on xbox, and loved the old side-scrolling PS1 games. May just pick this up on PS3 during the dry months.

kane_13712310d ago (Edited 2310d ago )

you better know that stranger's wrath has nothing to do with the Abe's odyssey etc games that came out on ps1
Oddworld is like the Tom Clancy games. it has the Oddworld but it isn't in the same world or story which confused me for a while

LettingGo2311d ago

Buy this and support this team. They're fantastic developers!

dirthurts2311d ago

Indeed. Perhaps if this sells well they will make another.

Jayjayff2310d ago

what is it about? i want a new game, but i don't want to be distracted so much... a downloadable title that can get to me.... is this it ?

snipes1012310d ago

This will tell you everything you need to know, but I will say this was a full title on the original xbox, not a bite sized Arcade game. If I remember correctly, it took me around 10 hours to get through this.