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Diehard GameFAN: Fortune Street Review

DHGF: Fortune Street is a good middle ground for people who found Mario Party too simplistic and Culdcept Saga too complex as video board games, as it’s a good middle ground between the two for friends to enjoy, though it doesn’t hold up in any other capacity, unfortunately, making it limited overall. There are enough overall modes to be diverse, and the game looks and sounds good for the Wii on an artistic level, if not entirely a technical one. The game is very easy to play mechanically and offers both simplified and complex rules for players of all skill levels to get into, in addition to a helpful tutorial that makes the game easy to understand. There are also a solid amount of unlockables, and you can play with friends both online and off with only one controller, making the game a fun experience for those with friends who enjoy Monopoly or similar board games, as that’s clearly where this game draws its influences from. (Fortune Street, Wii) -

edgeofblade  +   1161d ago
More people should suck it up and play Culdcept. Sure it's complex. Sure the "magic stock market" can be a little confusing at first. Sure Support effects can have two different meanings due to a mistake in translation.

It's still one of the more satisfying experiences I've had this generation. It's a gem of a game... and... and.... dammit, I'm going to play it when I get home.

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