New Condemned 2 Bloodshot Images: Clowns and Hobos

A few new screenshots of Monolith's upcoming first person horror shooter Condemned 2 Bloodshot. The new images include a few enemies gamers will run into including a clown mask wearing hobo, and a man in need of a dentist. Enjoy!

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Gamingisfornerds3793d ago (Edited 3793d ago )

Guns are very sparse, bullets even sparser. Melee is where this game's combat is at.

Graphics are a little disappointing, it doesn't look all that much better than the original. Still, I know this game will kick some serious *ss. Bring it on! :P

picker3323792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

This look's mutch better then the 1st one and the graphic IS better.

Gamingisfornerds3792d ago

Sure, the graphics are better and I never said they weren't. But they're certainly not "much" better. That's why I find them disappointing.

Condemned was a launch game, probably rushed and had not been developed on the 360 from the get go. You'd expect the leap to be much greater now, 2 years later.

NRG3792d ago

On the same engine for the same console? Nah, I wouldn't expect some sort of Far Cry to Crysis difference. When I think back about the faces details in the first, I'd say these are pretty good improvements. I'm willing to bet when it's done, if you were to play through the first and then pop in the second, we're probably going to love the difference.

OOG FunK3792d ago

Yea people dont realize to make a game look crazy different they would have to redesign the enigne like wtf games gonna be sweet