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Submitted by kevco33 1434d ago | news

iOS Gamers Ask for Donkey Kong, Street Fighter & Elite Remakes

Squigs Limited, developers of the revamped 1990s Amiga puzzle videogame, conducted a consumer survey with the goal of revealing iPhone owners’ gaming habits. Over the past month, the developers of Squigs have been asking the UK and US mobile gaming community about how, when and where they play games, to get a feel for how they’d like to see classic games developed for iOS in the near future. (Android, Angry Birds, Casual games, Donkey Kong , Elite, Industry, iPad, iPhone, Lemmings, Mobile, Pac-Man, Retro, Street Fighter)

Squatch83  +   1434d ago
If u want Donkey Kong, buy a Nintendo.
Jobesy  +   1434d ago
Are people starting to realize that Angry Birds and Cut the Rope are no contest for REAL games?
Baka-akaB  +   1434d ago
but but but now you can plug a pad in and you got onlive !! -_-
Pikajew  +   1434d ago
If you want to play games buy a 3DS or Vita
Baka-akaB  +   1434d ago
If you want to play a fighting game , get a machine that can actually play it , instead of settling down for cheap rehashes with shortcuts .
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JellyJelly  +   1434d ago
"iOS gamer" Talk about an oxymoron.
3GenGames  +   1434d ago
No matter how many disagrees this gets, you speaketh the truth.
user858621  +   1434d ago
Lol good luck waiting for Donkey Kong
6yo  +   1434d ago
iOS apple crap. Don't want to hear about it. End
LettingGo  +   1434d ago
I have an Xperia Play. I play Donkey Kong Country, Super Mario 64, Final Fantasy VII, and various other titles on a daily basis. WITH CONTROLS!
LettingGo  +   1434d ago
Maybe you snobs don't get it, but it's not JUST casual gamers playing games on iOS. There are TONS of great games on the app store. Many of them would be considered "hardcore".
cpayne93  +   1434d ago
You can't really have good hardcore games without proper controls, which the iphone doesn't have. Also, at the price you buy those games, you can hardly expect anything that deep. If you want portable hardcore games, buy a ds, 3ds, psp, or vita. I don't know why you even mention the Xperia Play in your other comment, it's an android phone. We're talking about ios.

And seriously? Calm down. No need to get offended.
LettingGo  +   1433d ago
Did you not read it? I have an Xperia Play. I HAD an IPhone. Why did I get disagrees on my Xperia Play comment? That's a phone that I'm already playing those games on. It has controls. Basically, this article is null. And I'm offended because you people are complete idiots. There are MANY games with the depth and length of DS or PSP games...WITH controls, if you have the phone I'm on right now.
Baka-akaB  +   1433d ago
Meh . Some are playable , but still a former shadow of themselves .

Or are you going to tell me that my copy of secret of mana is every bit as good than with a controller ? Now it aint , despite doing the best it can .

It doesnt even do what would feel natural with a touch screen : you can't interact with the environment by tapping into it , you need a contextual virtual button .

Square didn't emulate the SNES' famous sound chip. Instead they recreated the tunes, but rather poorly. Sounds like a super cheap synthesiser now, rather than the wonderful SNES sounds
So 17 years later we have a compromise on the Sound? Pathetic

Touch screen controls are nowhere near as good as a regular controller for this kind of games, and if a game can't be made so that the controls are at least 'servicable' then maybe the game shouldn't have been made at all.

It only barely work in SoM because while an action game it's control arent as demanding and harsh as usual back then . But that's it , "barely works" .

And that's one of the most critically acclaimed touch port so far .

Fighting games ? You'd mean that SF4 volt thingy ? Where everyone suddenly pretend to be an idiot and that diminished input control and loss of gameplay depth suddenly dont matter to a game like street fighter ? Yeah right .

So far the very best we keep getting thrown at our face and dumbed down version of existing genre and games , why the hell would we take it seriously then ? Regardless of how much money it makes .

PS :

i'm an owner too of both ipad and android hardware and actually love them , if that was even relevant data .

I'd rather have their game devs go toward new things , instead of painfully making bearable existing controls and games , despite knowing it aint truly worth it .
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cpayne93  +   1433d ago
Lol you get offended that easily? Because other people don't like phone games? You're gonna have trouble man...if you get offended by things that don't even matter.

There are good games on ios sure, but still not up to the level of games made for dedicated gaming handhelds. The xperia play does have controls which make it game worthy, but no other phone really does. Touch screen controls never work well for hardcore games.

Besides, I was saying your comment is kind of off topic since we are talking about ios, not android, and also you're talking about emulation. This article is about support for these games coming to the online store.
Redempteur  +   1433d ago
i'm sorry .i have an ipad & a galaxy S2 so i have access to android market & apple store .. and the games on that devices doesn't compare to the experience on DS or psp.

Nobody is making worthwhile games on these platform because the general consummers don't want them.

The best attempts i've seen are NFS: Hot pursuit & mirror edge and even then those versions are a shadow of the games that exist on consoles .. they are far from "hardcore" . As a gamer i could call that pathetic.
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GraveLord  +   1434d ago
Nintendo owns the Donkey Kong IP.
Its never going to happen.
Rampaged Death  +   1434d ago
I'm an iOS gamer and like Adam Jensen I never asked for this.

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