PSU Reviews Assassin's Creed: "Despite some notable faults...amazing experience"

Despite some notable faults, Assassins' Creed is an amazing experience, delivering the perfect amalgam of story telling and immersive gameplay. With the chance to take control of a 12th century assassin, this is a gaming opportunity that simply cannot be passed up.


* + Great story
* + Superb graphics
* + Historical accuracy


* - Repetitive gameplay
* - Freezing issues
* - Mediocre voice acting

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Zhuk3788d ago

notable faults such as game breaking crashes and bugs thanks to the PS3s inferior architecture and poor design

achira3788d ago

you moron have no right to talk about poor desing. only if you talk about the rodd box, more than 30% of all xbox260 got broken, that is poor design, you brainwashed full idiot.

BloodySinner3788d ago

Your comment doesn't make any sense. By the way, you do realize Zhuk is an intelligent being, right? He purposely says Microsoft marketing comments to draw in the Sony fanboys. I can't believe most of you fall for it.

Eamon3788d ago

BloodySinner has a point.

This fanboyism is starting to get on my nerves.

Bathyj3788d ago

Yup, Zhuk needs to be shot with a ball of his own sh*t.

Antiomo3788d ago

- red ring of death

but the problem is its not a notable cause, because many ppl actually have their system get RROD'd even when the system is properly placed out in the open.

As for the ps3 itself its not Sony's fault, their hardware is just fine, it is the studio's fault, for not programming it properly and providing proper qa screening.

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Eamon3788d ago

Assassin's Creed. Not this PS3 vs X360 BS.

Man, every single article on N4G has console wars spoiling everything

Eamon3788d ago

How about talking about whether you thought the ending was really interesting or something like that.

BubblesDAVERAGE3788d ago

Personally the game sucks no matter what system its on.

Coke-a-Cola3788d ago

They had left out the Animus Distraction.