4 Minutes of GTA IV

By now you should have already watched the third Grand Theft Auto IV trailer, Move over, ladies. And you really should have seen the first two as well. But just in case you haven't, or can't remember what the first two showcased, we've spliced all three trailers together to bring you just under four minutes of red hot GTA action.

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switch-it3820d ago

Damn, i thought it was 4 minutes of gameplay. Hmm.. :S

HeartlesskizZ3820d ago

I hurry to it thinking it was some video of some1 playing the game =(

Coffin873820d ago

this is just as unlikely as halo 3 coming to the ps3 or mgs4 coming to 360.

rockstar won't release so much more, MAYBE a new trailer a month before release, but they said there would only be 3 (like with san andreas).
expect a few website updates (visit san andreas site!) but don't expect too much, they said they felt they released to much info about san andreas.
so actually, i wouldn't expect any big IV update before the release ;)

ATLRoAcH3820d ago

Four minutes of real GTA IV gameplay would be like what 5000 this title.

Prismo_Fillusion3820d ago

The story looking awesome.
And we all know that gameplay in GTA games is always kickarse.

But I'll be damned if those cutscenes couldn't have been done on an original xbox.

Slayer OP3820d ago

What? They look better then saints row and thats a next gen game.

Prismo_Fillusion3820d ago

Well I can't remember seeing any Saint's Row clips, so I can't really comment on that. But the character models in these trailers for GTA look last-gen. I don't expect to see Mass Effect or Uncharted models, but to say that the characters in those games blow away the ones in GTAIV would be an understatement.

Eamon3820d ago

Instead of writing "4 mins of GTA IV"
Write "GTA IV trailer COMBINED"

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The story is too old to be commented.