New Silent Hill V Scans from GamePro

This months issue of GamePro finally contains some new screenshots of Silent Hill V! There aren't many, but there's a nice big one of a new, and very creepy looking, new monster.

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Razzy3818d ago

Can't wait to play this game with all the lights off & in surround sound. I hope it's scary as hell.

wolfehound223818d ago

Sorry but maybe its just me but that living wall lookes like a.... well come on you all know what it looks like

PirateThom3818d ago

Of course it does, it's not just coincidence, there's a perverse sexual theme that runs through Silent Hill games.

picker3323818d ago (Edited 3818d ago )

Can't wait eater!
Hope its like sh 2 or 3.
Is it this game that would have 4d in it?
Anyway the graphic look's great to.
Hope the acting is great aswell(like all the other sh games).
And wolfehound22,i no what you mean lol.

Rhezin3818d ago

This and RE5 are my most anticipated of 08.