Top 10 Games To Play When You're Depressed

PeanutButterGamer lists the top 10 games to play when you're depressed.

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roadkillers1945d ago

Haha, putting Dead Space in there was funny. I think playing any game helps with depression especially action heavy games.

Yi-Long1945d ago

... it's so cute, sweet and uplifting :)

Great little puzzlegame.

crxss1945d ago

Nana....nanananananana na katamari damacy.... chugachugachugachuga (repeat)

Venox20081945d ago

nice to see Katamari game, great series, it really lowers depression, after Katamari damacy I became a fan of the Katamari

Animals_as_Leaders1945d ago

I like to play 'put the valium in the mouth', it's a fun game that all the family can enjoy.

MoveTheGlow1945d ago

Sure, okay... this video's old, but I'm glad PBG's getting a little attention nonetheless.

Capt-FuzzyPants1944d ago

Yea he has another video a couple stories above this one about annoyances.