Reghardware Reviews Logic3 SoundStation3 PS3 speakers

Reghardware writes:

"Logic3's SoundStation3 speakers are by no means a substitute for a Pro Logic Skywalker sound system or THX surround sound, but if you were to consider the price-to-quality ratio, then you'll hard-pushed to find a product that enhances your PS3 pleasure quite this much... and can make you feel like you're the man in the Maxell advert, bombarded with audio as you absorb the acoustics of the awesome Amadeus on DVD."

Rating: 75%

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PLAYWATCH3788d ago

I'm very curious to find out more about these. What I gather from the review is that these seem to provide great Price-to-Quality ratio.

Anyone else want to recommend others with Great Price-to-Quality ratio?

FamilyGuy3788d ago

Im looking for the same thing. And i also want to know the deal with optical audio. Is it good or better than HDMI? Im already using HDMI for the display so is optical the next best option for audio since my HDMI is occupied?

To the poster above. I've been mostly looking on for something to come up, they've had some really good deals in the past. It's just that one a day thing and that woot offs happen unexpectedly.

What the price of these speakers in USD?

actas1233788d ago

walmart has a sony shelf speaker system with 5 CDs support for 98 dollars. It provides 400 watts and it has a gaming option. I'd get this instead of those 100 dollars logic3 crap..