CompUSA is closing all of its 103 stores for good

CNN Money - December 7 2007:

Consumer electronics retailer CompUSA, the 103-store chain that has been struggling in recent years, said Friday it will close its stores after this holiday season.

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ruibing3792d ago

I remember when I used to check my local CompUSA every other weekend for some nice rebate deals until they close all the ones in Massachusetts. I'll miss them that's for sure.

LinuxGuru3792d ago

I've never had problems with CompUSA...

I actually got my first computer there!

Oh well...I guess everything has an end.

lawman11083791d ago

I laughed when some fan boy posted "CompUSA sells out of Ps3's"

Reganomics3792d ago

Although i use to shop their, Returning items was terrible. You only had 14 days (if i remember correctly), and if they actually let you return your item, they charged you a 10% restocking fee. Not to mention there prices wernt the greatest (unless you count the rebate deals).

Sodium3792d ago

With several rebate coupons and checks "lost in the mail", I guess I had my fair share of their rebate scams. Also, their return policy sucked. Good riddance.

WilliamRLBaker3792d ago

but then again not really with their mediocre stock, and supply as well as their crap rebate abbilities and scams its no suprize but this does mean they'll BE ALot of store closeing deals to look for.

Compusa is now till the end of the year a place on my stop in once a week schedule.

dantesparda3791d ago (Edited 3791d ago )

Not "surprize", and I'm going to assume that you just messed up on "abbility" (it's "ability"). Damn, no wonder half you people on these sites say such stupid things, half of you's cant even spell, none-the-less be literate

LinuxGuru3791d ago

First off, don't grammar troll. That's lame.

And now to pick YOUR response apart:

- "you's" isn't a word

- nonetheless is spelled without hyphens

- where's the apostrophe after the n in can't?

- don't forget the period at the end of your last sentence

Does that help you?

*rolls eyes*

WilliamRLBaker3791d ago

says dante whom has 3
You remind me of this guy I saw on maplestory last night his name was pikachufan and he called some guy a noob, and I said thats a laugh a pokemon fan calling someone a noob.

dantesparda3790d ago (Edited 3790d ago )

Didnt (oh no, no apostrophe) you just tell me not to "grammar" troll as you put it? An yet now you're doing it!? You're a good example, guy! And "yes", i do know "you's" aint a word (so isnt "aint", and yes i realize that im not putting apostrophes in words that i should, as a matter of fact i am doing it right now! uh-oh!) and i dont care about punctuation as long as its understandable. You got me on "nonetheless", but whats funny about that is nobody seems to care except your none grammer trollling @ss. And i hardly ever put periods at the end of my last sentences to cut down on my typing (you can understand that, cant you). But the misspellings from these idiots shows some real stupidity, but you would have realized that if you were really smart. And why are you sweating me? I see you're a pretty anal guy too.

And William, "3 bubbles"? That's lame! you know "bubbles" means' nothing on this fanboy infested site! except to simpletons like you (look no period)

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gEnKiE3792d ago

:-0 woah.....I didnt even know it was in trouble. Thats one of the places I stop when I make my way into the city...hmmmmm

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The story is too old to be commented.