RivalTide - Mario Kart 7 Review

"The new feature which will appear throughout Mario Kart 7 is the glider. The glider unfolds from each kart as you take to the skies. What you do whilst gliding is completely up to you, as you could pleasantly glide to the terrain below or swoop down with pace to hit the ground running. The glider opens up new ways of navigating the track, as you will be able to find secret shortcuts, and generally cutting the corner to gain advantages. Some may think this implementation will be a huge disadvantage who can exploit it very well in competitive multiplayer, but who cares! You can easily thwart them with a item anyway."

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maniacmayhem2343d ago

Can you still be in third or fourth place seconds behind the other top racers and still get a star or lightning bolt?

That is the one thing the big N needs to fix and balance out. It's been like that since the n64 days.