Kinect Vs. Move: One Year Later

It's been about one year since Microsoft and Sony both released their respective motion controllers, Kinect for Xbox 360 and Move for PlayStation 3. For a closer look at each platform, Game Informer worked with Electronic Entertainment Design and Research (EEDAR) for data on software, including average review scores, total release count, and release count by genre. The data includes a look at software titles with required Move and Kinect controls (Dance Central, Sports Champions) as well as optional (LittleBigPlanet 2, Forza 4).

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yesmynameissumo2541d ago (Edited 2541d ago )

Move has no games. Oh wait...

Required or optional, it doesn't take away from the fact that there ARE Move games available, a great deal of which are core games.

KingSlayer2541d ago

Dude...everyone knows in order to make it seem like Kinect has any real, tangible support, you have to ignore the games that are on PS3 that you can play with Move. The excuse "required" is thrown around. I'm willing to bet if Kinect controls could be patched into current 360 core exclusives (all 3 of them) they would...and not a word would be said.

Hicken2541d ago

It's true, and yet people say there are no double-standards on this stuff.

It's not even about PS3 vs. 360, really. But about Microsoft vs. Sony.

Kinect has limited applications in core games? Oh, well; there are still plenty of Kinect-only games we can talk about, even if the majority of them are less than average titles.

Wait, Move has effective, comprehensive usability in core titles? So what? There aren't a lot of really great Move-only games on the market, so it's not getting any support.

The hypocrisy is amazing, to say the least.

NukaCola2541d ago

Kinect is integrated well into the interface, but at the same time...WTF?! I hate that. Why is the dashboard (Wait..they call it HOME now..go figure) so full of pages goofy blocks now? It's more clutter and mess than ever and only to appease the Kinect crowd. NXE was a cluttered imitation of the XMB and now it's turned into a cluttered mess of the Wii menu mixed into the Media Live player.

The Kinect and the Move have the same amount of games that utilize their features. And the Move uses it for more Core titles that are flawless and intuitive.

I do have to say the biggest let down is that Sorcery is still not out.

not saying Kinect is bad in the first paragraph, but I think MS is too focused on the Kinect scene and seemed to forget about the rest of us regular gamers.

EVILDEAD3602541d ago

'The hypocrisy is amazing, to say the least.'

Actually the hypocrisy and hate surrounding Kinect is unprecedented. If you want to see Double Standard, if you want to see see hypocrisy..If you want to see trolling at it's absolute every Kinect article for the last two years.

I own all three motion control devices. I'm also a huge fan of motion control games (the good ones) and in regards to Kinect vs. Move they both have thwir advantages and disadvantages.

When it comes to Motion control experiences, Both Kinect and Move have matched or exceeded the Wii in many (not all) areas.

Kinect is absolutely the best at experiences that require full motion of the body ala Dance games, Sports games, mini-compilations and Fitness games.

Best games..Both Kinect sports and Dance Central games

Move does great in the mini-compilations as well, but shines the brightest when you purchase a Sharp shooter and a Nav to use as an alternative controller for shooters.

Best Games: Sports Champion and Killzone 3 (persnal fave: Top Darts)

IMO Micrsoft edges Move in the family gaming experience and dedicated Kinect games department. Move edges Micrsoft in the hardcore and alternative control department.

The article doesn't even match what gamers love about both devices.

For instance you can't even use Kinect for Tiger Woods 12, but EA redeemed themselves from the tacked on controls of Tiger 11 andTiger woods 12 works like a dream for Move (which is why it is now bundled with Move)

Pretending NBA 2K11 and NBA 2K12 matches what makes Move special instead of Virtual Tennis 4 simply doesnt do Move justice.

I still say Move still deserves a high profile Move-only game as a Killer app. (Which obviously could end up being Sorcery. I also say that Sony missed an opportunity when it put the Sports Champion developer on Medieval Moves instead of a sequel to the outstanding Champion. (which hopefully is next year)

The same with Kinect, I think it still needs a killer app built from the ground up (which hopefully Fable: The Journey's final product suprises it's detractors).

Just my take


raymantalk12541d ago

if you want accuracy and no lag then the Move wins

kikizoo2539d ago

Exactly...if you are a gamer, adult, only one choice is possible, if you want party games for kids, you can what you want.

from the beach2541d ago

Kinect has had an excellent first year in my opinion and I'm really glad Microsoft are focusing on it - screw the 'core' gamers who think otherwise!

It's really a shame Move and Kinect (and Wii too) are pitted against eachother all the time, usually by system warriors who don't use either of them.

Cosmo8112541d ago

i think Kinect is great at some things. For me to be able to sit on my bed and just swipe in mid air and browse the dashboard, or just say "xbox search Gears of War 3" and have it search it for me is incredible, and the PS3 does not offer this. On the other hand, it's useless for the majority of games. You can't do action adventure, shooters, RPGs... anything really in-depth. You can do games that were specifically designed for Kinect, perhaps some sports or strategy games. It's a very casual market like the Wii.

from the beach2540d ago

It can do shooting, that's actually one of its strengths. And strategy games - casual?

I think it still largely remains to be seen exactly what can or can't be done with Kinect.

Maybe some genres will never work, maybe some will be better when combined with a controller..

FrigidDARKNESS2541d ago

Well from a business stand point Kinect wins hands down with the backing of developers. PS Move is a failure due to the fact developers have abandon the hardware with no future support of software.

yesmynameissumo2541d ago

It really is a shame how misinformed you are. But not as shameful as you actually believing the bullshit you just spewed.

Shadonic2541d ago

I'm a kinect enthusiast and even i don't believe that Sony wouldn't give up on the move like that their most likely working on something. Microsoft is going full force with kinect but in a direction that us Core gamers don't really want My blames going on Microsoft and not the kinect its like they keep trying to appeal to the family and kid friendly side of consumers this year. Though there is also the PC branch of gaming that's been spewing out awesome stuff since kinects release which is a good thing for kinect and Microsoft.

DeathAvengers2541d ago (Edited 2541d ago )

Both are cool. I really want to pick up a kinect and I was fortunate to be able to try both move and kinect. I'll say that kinect was a bit more fun than move based on what we played. I mean, kinect sports vs sports champion. However, I really liked the accuracy of move over the kinect. Please stop taking your anger out on Microsoft because they aren't making any "core" games for the kinect. And stop getting mad at sony because the move was a "wii clone". The move performs way better than the wii motion controls, but the wii makes that up in the game library. Please, just enjoy what you have...

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