PS3 vs 360 Face Off Round 6: Assassin's Creed "PS3 Version Not Up to 360's Par"

-Eurogamer's Richard Leadbetter (Page 3 of the comparison)

"Assassin's Creed is a total enigma of a game for me. I simply cannot disagree with any of the points in Tom's review; it's a classic example of developers getting lost in their own cleverness to the detriment of the core gameplay. The basic notion that you've seen all but one of the sub-missions by the time you've completed the first assassination is a chilling fact about the sheer lack of variety Ubisoft Montreal has offered up in piece of software that is otherwise revolutionary.

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jiggyjay3880d ago (Edited 3880d ago )

Let me save you PS3 fangirls some time so that you don't have to defend your $600 DVD player!!

Lazy Devs!
Obviously Ubi doesn't know how to program the PS3 that's why GRAW and Rainbow Six Vegas was delayed!
Lazy Devs!
The PS3 is only a year old.. The 360 is two years old so...
Lazy Devs...
Wait till 2008!
Lazy Devs!Lazy Devs!
Lazy Devs!Lazy Devs!

Danja3880d ago (Edited 3880d ago )

Im not even gonna defend this game because the PS3 has better looking games than Assassins Creed so who cares..Assasins Creed is a big dissappoint so no need to get worked up over this game..

so which game on the 360 looks better than Uncharted I mean remember the 360 has been out for 2 years right there's no way the PS3 can already surpass the 360 in graphcs ?....DAMN IT DID..!!

BTW Gears is played out it had it's moment last year Uncharted , R&C and Heavenly Sword all look better....PS3 doesn't need to brag about multi-plat games...!!

shmee3880d ago

GAMESRADAR has already said this .

EUROGAMER --MS moneyhats would be saying something else. WE all know this

7ero H3LL3880d ago (Edited 3880d ago )

Ign, GameTrailers, gamersyde, and now Eurogamer all feel the same way, the 360 version is better than the ps3 version.







ruibing3880d ago (Edited 3880d ago )

Why are you listing comparison videos as evidence that Gamersyde's and Gametrailer's support for the 360? I watched the Gametrailer's video review and don't seem to recall them saying that the 360 version was superior. You also seem to have forgotten Gamespot's comparison for some odd reason:

"PS3 owners are blessed with a slightly more solid frame rate, although the 360 version features a little more contrast in the lighting, so it's pretty much a wash."

But I guess it's because the recent controversy with Gamespot has made all its previous reviews worthless...

FF7numba13880d ago

there the same. Just have to adjust the color for ps3.

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xplosneer3880d ago

DMC4 or Assassin's Creed?......

Oh and Jiggyjay....another easy ignore.

Blademask3880d ago

Can people just start taking "reviews" as opinions?

InMyOpinion3880d ago

Remember when some people said that the PS3 was gonna have better graphics than the 360? I think it was Sony. As everyone can see there are only subtle differences. So subtle you have to concentrate to notice them. Funny thing is, Sony lied so much about the PS3 being a supposed nuclear powerhouse that PS3 fanboys still believe they are gaming in 4-D lol!

mesh13880d ago

WAIT WAIT 5 GAMER sites say assasins creed is better on the 360 while 1 game site says the ps3 is better who do i belive i think the 5 sites

Blademask3880d ago

To be fair,

None of the launch 360 titles were remarkable. They had the exact same issues that the launch PS3 titles had. We were only treaded with a remarkable game when GEARS OF WAR came out, and that showed us all what "next gen" is.

I can understand why you and so many of the fanboy legions have hard-ons for Sony, and what they said. Its something to try and discredit them on. Say what you will about what the excited CEO's of the PS3 said, but that has nothign to do with the fact that the PS3 is one hell of a machine. Truth be told, now this is the truth.

Uncharted Drakes fortune is the best "next-gen" Console game out right now. Every single aspect of the game from its Animation systems(300 individual animations per character), AI that notices you run out of bullets, then rushes you, or will retreat(sometimes) if you rush them, to the perfect "STREAMING" loading that other titles on consoles have tried to pull off. Everyone has spoken about how the graphics are second to none, so there is no need to mention that.

Games will start to incorporate these features into their games. No more loading screens, your character getting wet while swimming, multiple animations so your character looks absolutely life like etc. These are GOOD things for the game industry.

Now as far as your subtle differences, you are aware that there is a developmental curve in developing games? It is an absolute shame that Sony didn't get the devs the devkits ASAP, and concentrated more on the first party titles. But for a 6 month old PS3 title to have "subtle differences" between the 360, is NOT a good omen for the 360. A dev team who isn't 100% efficient with programming for the PS3 makes a game that has subtle differences than the best 360 developers. Although, due to fanaticism I see how you can see that as a good thing for the 360.

Now that the devs understand the ps3, we see titles like COD4 which match the 360. We see what happens when PS3 devs ONLY have the PS3 to deal with, and you get Uncharted. As it stands, there is no console game that rivals it. I didn't say that, reviewers did.(the ones this site so highly respects and values)

As for right now, the 360 is great. It plays games, and thats what it is supposed to do. XBL is superior to PSN in every single way.

We are starting up year two of the ps3, and its already going well. New Price point, great game selections, and hopefully Home will soon replace PSN. I doubt it will have a problem selling as many units as the 360 did in 08. Since it did it in 07, without all of what I just mentioned.

InMyOpinion3880d ago

Your comment turned into mindless drivel after the first 200 letters...

If you can't get your point through in less than 10 sentences, keep quiet cause you don't know what you were supposed to say.

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krackchap3880d ago

comparisions are shiiite
lets look at the real situation
360's best looking title is gears of war(kudos to epic for that) which came a year back ,no 360 game has yet to reach that quality and no forthcoming 360 games looks like it'll surpass it(maybe gears 2 or alan wake if they make it next year)
Ps3 on the other hand is getting titles that are visually surpassing the last one uncharted>ratchet>heaven ly sword and this is just the start, with killzone 2, MGS4, Resistance 2, God of war 3 to follow.
good time to be a PS3 owner i guess.

and before xbots come and start disagreeing with me go and chk my profile for my 360 gamercard.

Wotbot3880d ago

me it has to be Mass Effect and Call of Duty 4 (PS3 as well).

I have Uncharted and the graphics are good but not ground breaking.

Assassin's Creed for me is on par with Uncharted in the graphics department.

As a PS3 owner I said this before both games were released, and I say it now.

Uncharted has good graphics and so does Assassin's Creed and Mass Effect and Call of Duty.

Lets just be grateful we have such good games to play this Christmas and stop being little baby fanboys needing something to fight about.

Slayer OP3880d ago

I have the game and it works!