New 10 Point Review Scale for Aspiring Game Journalists

"Due to a certain unpleasantness at a certain major game review website, we thought we should clarify what the 1-10 scale means for reviewers, from the point of view of the publishers."

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techie3822d ago

Spot on, 6 you're fired! ha!

Cutter203822d ago

More like, On the Spot! Am I right, people?

techie3822d ago

Well I was a bit more subtle with my joke! lol

BrianC62343821d ago

People are making such a big deal over this Kane & Lynch story. They're forgetting the other Jeff Gerstmann story. He was the one who handed out game reviews. He gave Ratchet & Clank Future to that loser Aaron Thomas. He shouldn't review anything but sports games. You don't give big games to someone like that. I'm not as mad at the 7.5 as I'm mad over who reviewed the game. And Jeff Gerstmann should have answered to that. I guess maybe he was fired because of his questionable decisions.